MyUCLAhealth – The New UCLA Health Patient Portal


MyUCLAhealth is an online patient portal developed by UCLA Health. It enables patients to easily manage their medical information and schedule appointments online, in addition to video conferencing with their providers.

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The system notifies users regarding appointments and allows easy bill payment, helping reduce healthcare costs and improving customer service.

MyUCLAhealth is an online patient portal.

MyUCLAhealth is an online patient portal designed to give users access to medical records, book appointments, and interact with their healthcare team. In addition, this portal also offers educational resources and payment capabilities – plus text or email notifications when an appointment or lab result is scheduled or ready – though myUCLAhealth should not replace primary care providers or emergency rooms as the sole provider for healthcare needs.

Register for myUCLAhealth at your next doctor’s visit or by contacting the clinic directly and receiving an activation code. Follow the prompts to create an account and gain access to your information; your 15-digit myUCLAhealth Activation Code and date of birth will allow you to log in while entering your MRN number into the blank field will complete your login. Click “Next”.

myUCLAhealth gives you access to your health records 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Furthermore, this free service lets you schedule video visits with doctors, request prescription refills, and view test results; additionally, you can track symptoms with myUCLAhealth before sharing them with doctors. myUCLAhealth is available exclusively to UCLA patients.

MyUCLAhealth utilizes secure connections and encryption technology to safeguard your privacy. In addition, third-party verification processes protect data on this site. If you have any inquiries or are concerned about how we watch it for you, contact our support team via myUCLAhealth’s website.

MyUCLAhealth is the official patient portal for UCLA Health, an award-winning academic medical center. UCLA boasts world-renowned physicians and nurses who excel in their respective fields, offering patients superior medical care. UCLA offers over 80 clinic locations and four hospitals, making it easier than ever for patients to locate the care that meets their needs – Plus, myUCLAhealth provides directions and maps of each location; you can even take a virtual tour!

It allows users to manage their accounts.

MyUCLAhealth is a new patient portal developed by UCLA Health that allows its members to manage accounts and communicate with physicians online. Additionally, it helps patients remain up-to-date about their health and wellness – access records from anywhere, manage appointments at any time without phone calls or letters and view test results without waiting, refill prescriptions, schedule appointments with physicians as well as get directions and maps for over 80 clinics and four hospitals!

It allows users to set up alerts and reminders.

MyUCLAhealth allows users to set reminders and alerts for appointments or medications, helping ensure patients do not miss critical medical appointments or forget to take their medicine on schedule. Furthermore, this portal gives access to user medical records and communication between the care team and users.

Signing up for myUCLAhealth requires users to provide their name, email address, date of birth, and an associated user ID and password. After creating their unique user ID and password, they can log into myUCLAhealth and manage their account, pay bills, or set up automatic payments through this portal.

MyUCLAhealth also offers users several other features and benefits, including video visits with doctors, setting appointment reminders, and tracking their health progress. Furthermore, users can locate directions and maps for over 80 clinic locations and four hospitals and view test results and their doctor’s comments within days.

myUCLAhealth is a secure patient portal designed with the latest security protocols to safeguard patient data. Users can log on from any computer, smartphone, or tablet connected to the Internet – or use myUCLAhealth Mobile to access their health records on the go!

MyUCLAhealth’s login system is designed to be simple for users, requiring only their valid myUCLAhealth ID and password for entry. Once logged in, users can manage their accounts, including updating contact info or changing passwords, scheduling appointments, paying bills, or ordering medication refills.

MyUCLAhealth goes further, with its mobile app offering video visits with doctors from any location with internet service. Available to all myUCLAhealth users for free download on Android and iOS devices, users may opt-in for BruinALERT text message reminders about upcoming appointments and prescriptions.

It allows users to pay their bills.

MyUCLAhealth allows you to pay your bills using any method that best suits you, including paperless billing – an eco-friendly and convenient way to receive bills- from your desktop computer or mobile phone app. In addition, this system enables you to schedule appointments online and retrieve test results without leaving home.

Student Finance Solutions (SFS) and Flywire partner to facilitate international student payments. You can easily make international payments online using MyUCLA’s BruinBill portal, with fees immediately reflected in your BruinBill account.

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