Mochila Travel 100 40l Review


This Forclaz backpack has a top compartment that lays flat against the backpack, adding about eight liters of extra packing space. It also has an adjustable front closure strap, so you can get it in any configuration you want. You can tuck items under the top compartment when not in use.

Mochila Travel 100 40l

This Mochila Travel 100 40l Review will provide you with a brief overview of this popular daypack. With its unique features, it is a great choice for any traveler. It features adjustable shoulder straps and lateral water compartments, which help keep you hydrated while on the go. You can even use the pack as a duffel bag, thanks to its removable straps and sturdy handles.

Rain cover

If you’re heading out on a camping trip, you’ll be glad to know that the Forclaz Travel 100 40L rain cover protects your gear from rain. This versatile rain cover is made to fit most 40 to 60-L backpacks. Its dual-zippered closure will keep your gear safe in wet conditions. The rain cover also comes with an extended shoulder strap. The satchel is a bit heavier than your typical daypack, but the material is sturdy and the backpack is spacious enough for your laptop, water bottle, and more. The satchel has a convenient zip to expand its capacity, which can be a great idea if you’re planning on lugging heavy items. It comes with a fake flower that you can remove if you want to. This rain cover does not come with a rain jacket, so you


The Comfortable Forclaz Travel 100 40L is an incredibly sturdy and very well-designed backpack. It has plenty of pockets for different-sized items and comes with compression straps to keep your clothes neat. It also has padded sidewalls to protect your valuables. Despite its size, this backpack is very easy to carry and will fit under most airline seats.

Good for carry-on luggage on most airlines

The Forclaz Travel 100 40l is a good option for carry-on luggage on most airlines. It features detachable straps and sturdy handles. Its small size makes it easy to carry as a duffel bag and can easily swing onto luggage racks. When not in use, it can easily be rolled up and tucked under the bottom of the pack.

The size of a carry-on bag varies with airlines, so make sure to check the regulations before buying a bag. Most airlines will allow you to carry on a small, non-bulky bag that is no larger than 22x14x23cm. Depending on the airline, you may need to buy an additional luggage case if the dimensions of your carry-on bag are larger. Most airlines have sizers at the gate, so you should measure your luggage before you leave. If you don’t, you might get charged for exceeding the limit.

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