Lee APP Press – The Fastest and Easiest Way to Prepare Cases and Sized Bullets


The APP is a single-stage press designed to define rapidly, size cast bullets, and swage military primer pockets as quickly as you can operate its lever. It utilizes an innovative case and bullet feeder that’s captivating to watch work.

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The APP is a single-stage reloading press.

The Lee APP is one of the fastest and easiest ways to prepare cases and size cast bullets quickly and reliably, serving both as an efficient single-station press and deprime/swage primer pockets/bulge bust/size bullets quickly using automation capability for single-stage presses. It features its innovative frameless design that allows dies to be mounted either on top or bottom of the press, with unprecedented automation capability for single-stage presses – depriming cases/swaging primer pockets/bulge bust/size bullets at speeds faster than you can operate the lever! Additionally, its easy, clean design makes maintenance/clean-up effortless while remaining durable, providing years of reliable operation.

The press employs a shell carrier system that securely holds cases while you perform loading operations. Its design is simple and effective; adjusting its spring-activated mechanism can quickly adapt it for different calibers or cartridges. To keep its proper positioning, its spring must also be lubricated regularly to work smoothly and ensure optimal functioning of this critical feature of loading operations.

APP’s primer feeding system is another unique advantage. This patented feature allows the user to safely and conveniently prime cases and bullets without manual handling – ideal for any brand or size of primer; plus, it eliminates priming rod use for even easier operation than single-stage presses!

Lastly, the APP can be equipped with an automation package to become the world’s fastest single-stage press. This fantastic addition enables users to do things only previously possible on expensive progressive presses.

The APP represents an outstanding value and is ideal for high-power rifle shooters needing a single-stage press to create consistent ammunition. Its frameless design and exclusive balanced lever make this press stand out. Furthermore, it’s easy mounting on any bench and almost unlimited hand clearance make this press an invaluable investment.

The APP is a frameless design.

The APP features an innovative “frameless” design with nearly all forces being transferred directly from steel linkages to the dies rather than passing through its frame, providing quieter and easier operation with greater visibility and hand clearance. Mounting to any bench or table without an under swing, its top carrier and base have been explicitly machined for Lee Breech Lock bushings to work with any brand of press shell holder – including our primer pocket swager, which is sold separately; in addition, a roller handle upgrade kit is also included with this model!

The APP is a self-feeding bullet system.

The APP is the quickest and most straightforward way to prepare cases and size-cast bullets. Working like a Magna Star Lube-sizer, the APP uses top punches on its down stroke to push shots through its sizing die and drop the finished shell below, all at a fraction of the price.

The Automation Package also incorporates a revolutionary new case and bullet feeder with jaws that automatically open to grasp each case or bullet, positioning them quickly into operating position before returning for more. Your claim or shell will arrive for processing as fast as you can use the lever!

An optional Breech Lock Bullet Sizer Kit for the APP press enables nose-first bullet sizing for accurate, distortion-free, and efficient sizing with no special nose punches necessary. Furthermore, its unique Breech Lock system allows easy changeover between sizes without changing dies, saving time and money.

The APP features a frameless design so nearly all forces travel directly from its steel linkages to the dies, eliminating under-swing and making for a sturdy and reliable single-stage press that’s easy to mount on any bench or table with no under-swing. Both base and top carrier have been machined to accept Lee Breech Lock bushings so that it will work with 7/8-14 dies from most manufacturers as well as standard press shell holders from most manufacturers; plus, there’s even an upgraded model with one Spline drive breech lock bushing plus universal type shell holder quick change adaptor!

The APP is a nose-first bullet sizer.

Traditional Lee reloading presses use a press frame to transfer force to dies; however, the APP doesn’t use this method and thus eliminates flex, making the operation much simpler and faster. Furthermore, its no-frame design eliminates flexing for effortless processes on any bench or table and comes in various sizes to accommodate different calibers and bullet types. Again, its revolutionary case and bullet feeder features jaws that open wide when grasping an item, then quickly position them into their operating positions before closing back closed quickly after placing before closing back down for another case or bullet — genuinely fascinating to watch!

The APP is the fastest and most straightforward way to quickly size cast bullets and prepare cases, acting as a single station reloading press and deprime/prime/pocket swage/bulge bust/size cast bullets as fast as the user can operate the lever. Recently, Lee received a patent for this innovative press. Its die mounting is flexible enough for top or bottom support of dies, allowing automation never seen on single-station presses like these. Lee even received one last year! Lee received another patent the previous year! Lee invented/patented this press for its unique capabilities of deprime/prime pocket swage/bulge bust/size cast bullet sizing faster than a user could operate a lever.

In addition to its innovative case and bullet feeder, the APP can be equipped with some exclusive new products. One such completely new product is the X-press shell holder, which can be installed onto an APP to enable automation and bullet feeding, including automatic military primer pocket crimp removal and small/large pocket sizes availability. Another option is an automation package comprising all necessary feed tubes, tube supports, risers, and 22-caliber bullet feed jaws – complete with this package!

This upgrade kit contains everything necessary to convert your APP to a self-feeder, from custom-designed left and right replacement steel levers to an ergonomic hardwood roller handle. Any Lee App owner should own this upgrade kit as it will give more control and precision while decreasing fatigue on their hands.