Kite Girly Clothing Reviews


If you’re in the market for new clothes for your little girl or even for yourself, the Kite Girly website is a great place to start. The company is based in the United States and has many clothing styles and options. The website has a section dedicated to young girls, ladies, and women, so there’s undoubtedly something for everyone. The site’s collections include bottoms, dresses, sweaters, and tops.

Organic cotton

A planet-friendly company, Kite Organic Clothing aims to provide stylish and comfortable clothes for kids. Their clothing is made from organic cotton and is certified by GOTS. This certification ensures that the clothing has been produced with minimum environmental impact. They use only the softest organic fabrics and beautiful workmanship to create each garment. They also make sure that each garment has an excellent fit and is comfortable for the wearer.

Among the many benefits of organic cotton clothing are the benefits for children. The first is that it is free from harmful chemicals and dyes. Moreover, it doesn’t include PVC or nickel. The second benefit is that they use low-impact dyes and are made in safe working environments. They also use non-toxic finishes and are certified by Oeko-Tex.

Recycled plastic bottles

Many fashion brands have begun offering products made from recycled plastic water bottles. While the finished product still feels and looks like plastic, these recycled products are more durable. They are made from recycled PET bottles that are reprocessed into actual physical garments. It is essential to recycle plastic bottles, as they may contain chemicals that leach into the environment and harbour bacteria.

Recycled polyester is another material used for clothing. This plastic is broken down into tiny plastic pebbles and reprocessed into a “chip.” This molten concoction is then filtered and pushed through tiny holes until the resulting fabric is lovely. The fiber is so thin it is five times thinner than a human hair.

Fabrics approved by OEKO-TEX

The OEKO-TEX label is a certification system that ensures that textile products are free from harmful substances. The certification system has five separate standards that are applied to different types of textile products. STANDARD 100 tests textiles, including fabrics, threads, zippers, linings, prints, and coatings, to ensure they are free of chemicals and other harmful elements. This certification is a global standard that can be used to compare and contrast products made by different companies.

GOTS-APPROVED Fabrics are considered the highest level of certification for the sustainable production of textile products. These fabrics are crafted with responsible use of resources and have the lowest possible impact on people and the environment. Other standards, like Bluesign, do not require a product to be GOTS-certified, but a product that meets them can still carry the GOTS label.

Built to last

Kite Girly is the place to go if you want to look stylish without spending a fortune. The company is based in the United States, and its online store offers women a wide range of items. You can find anything from sweaters and tank tops to pants and dresses. The clothing line also has a section for new arrivals.

Kite Girly clothing is made to last. Each piece is made with the highest quality materials, including organic cotton. The company also uses recycled plastic bottles to make fleece. This is a great way to support the environment while ensuring a stylish look.


The Kite brand of clothes for girls and boys is made in the UK and is proud to be planet-friendly. The company uses organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and materials certified by OEKO-TEX. Each garment is designed to be durable, comfortable, and fun. The natural world inspires kite designs, and the Dorset-based company prides itself on being innovative and thoughtful.

The clothing line uses recycled polyester, bamboo, and organic cotton. All pieces have the highest quality and the most negligible environmental impact. The company’s clothing line has various designs for kids and adults.

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