Keeping Up With the Kardashians Net Worth


Kim Kardashian is among the many celebrities that have made it big in the entertainment world. She is an American socialite, businesswoman, and media personality. She gained attention as a friend of Paris Hilton. In 2007, she gained wider attention after a sex tape was released.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s net worth soared after the family hit the big time. It was the first reality show to bring the entire family to the public eye.

Kris Jenner and her children made millions of dollars as the show aired. The reality show generated the most wealth of any television program.

The show started in 2007 and aired for nearly 14 years. It ended in June. The series is expected to move to Hulu in 2022. However, it will no longer generate any income for the family. Instead, it will provide money for the network.

The family has accumulated billions of dollars due to the popularity of KUWTK. They have also built their names and businesses. In addition, they have worked with brands to endorse and sell their products.

In the show’s first two seasons, they reported a net worth of $100 million. This was a hefty amount at the time. However, they later added another $30 million when Coty bought a 51 percent stake in Kylie Cosmetics.


During the height of her Keeping up with the Kardashians career, Kim Kardashian raked in millions from her successful reality show. After seven seasons, the show was canceled. But the star has continued to reap the benefits of her popularity, as she is a popular figure on Instagram. She has even endorsed other companies products.

Kim is currently working toward a law degree but has several other business interests. She has a mobile game and a clothing line and shares in a few different companies. She is also planning to launch a skincare line in March 2021.

One of her biggest businesses, Skims, is an apparel line that features shapewear, intimates, and loungewear. It recently doubled in value, and Kim owns a third of the company.

Another of her investments is KKW Beauty, the cosmetics line she launched in 2017. She recently sold a 20% stake in the company to Coty for $200 million. The deal boosted the company’s value from a billion dollars to a whopping $1 billion.

KKW Beauty

Among Kim Kardashian’s many businesses is a beauty line called KKW Beauty. The company started as a beauty brand in 2017 and now generates over $100 million in revenue. The KKW Beauty line includes fragrances, lip products, eyeshadow, and concealer.

Forbes says that KKW Beauty is the most significant part of Kardashian’s net worth and the most profitable venture she’s launched. In its first year, the company earned a total of $100 million in sales. The first product sold out within a couple of hours.

After its launch, the company secured $240 million in financing. Then, it was valued at $1.6 billion. As of 2021, it was the wealthiest asset of Kardashian.

After the success of KKW Beauty, the mum of four has started several other companies. These include a mobile game, a fashion boutique chain, and a fashion boutique chain in California. She also has several endorsement deals and is working towards becoming a lawyer.

Kanye West

During the last two years, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wealth has skyrocketed. They are now estimated to be worth more than $1 billion each. In addition, they own an impressive property portfolio, including an actual house and a $60 million beach house in Malibu, CA.

Kim and Kanye have four children together. The former power couple has decided to get joint custody of their kids and has agreed on shared parenting plans. They also signed a prenuptial agreement. In addition, they have stacked up $200 million in real estate and vehicles. They also own their business ventures, including a cosmetics company, KKW Beauty, and a shapewear line, Skims.

Kim and Kanye will keep their assets, but they must distribute them according to the terms of their prenuptial agreement. They have agreed to pay half of the children’s expenses. They will also retain their family home in Hidden Hills, CA. They also have the right to property in Idaho.

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