JYPSY – Modern Japanese Cuisine


Jypsy’s menu is a modern take on Japanese cuisine. The popular restaurant recently opened a new flagship location. As a result, you’ll find dishes like Tempura Snapper Chirashi and Smoked Unagi Fried Rice. You’ll also find popular favorites like Obasan’s Sticky Beef Sliders.

Tempura Snapper Chirashi

If you’re craving Japanese cuisine and you’re on a budget, try JYPSY’s new lunch menu. Their Chirashi bowls are a hearty combination of grain and protein. Try the Cali Chirashi, topped with pickled crab, dried sakura shrimp, green yuzu pepper, and avocado. You can also try their Tempura Snapper Chirashi, served with pillowy white Japanese bread.

To accompany your meal, try the Tajima Beef Fried Rice, which is made with kombu butter. The grilled wagyu beef gives this dish a tender, savory flavor. GYPSY also offers a range of cocktails.

If you don’t like ordering fish, try the chicken option: Kara-age Chirashi, which combines chicken with rice and an egg omelet. The chicken option is topped with green yuzu pepper and shichimi furikake. GYPSY does Kara-age Chirashi well, and the variety of toppings is premium.

Smoked Unagi Fried Rice

The Smoked Unagi Fried Rice on JYPSY’s menu is a great choice for those who love Japanese food and are looking for a casual setting to enjoy it in. The dish is made with Japanese rice and topped with strands of egg and bits of Japanese pickle. The portion here is quite small compared to the portion served by specialty unagi shops. But the menu isn’t just about serving the usual unagi dishes; the chefs aim to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Those who aren’t so adventurous may want to try the crispy shrimp roll ($16). It contains tempura tiger prawns, avocado, and peperonatta mayo—the dish pairs well with citrus and yuzu.

The JYPSY menu also features sushi and sashimi. The sushi selection features fresh Japanese fish and ingredients sourced locally. The JYPSY Rainbow sushi roll includes three different types of sashimi, while the JYPSY Bluefin Tuna Sashimi offers sashimi grade bluefin tuna and king salmon. If you’re in the mood for sushi, you can also order the Smoked Unagi Fried Rice on the JYPSY menu.

Salmon Tacos

The Salmon Tacos on the JYPSY menu is made with seaweed taco shells and topped with king salmon, avocado, slaw, wasabi mayo, and ikura. These tacos are incredibly tasty and filling.

The salmon tacos are made with a crispy seaweed shell, topped with tender chunks of salmon, and then tossed in a tangy, creamy avocado salsa. This dish is full of interesting textures, and the accompanying salsa has a kick of foie gras. There’s also lightly torched unagi and pickled wasabi, which make these tacos extra special.

If you’re looking for a new casual sushi restaurant, try JYPSY. The atmosphere is bohemian and handmade, and the cuisine is fresh and modern. The menu has an eclectic mix of Japanese and Mediterranean flavors. The food is affordable and delicious. The restaurant is located at 38 Martin Road and is open for lunch and dinner Monday through Sunday, 11:30 am to 4:00 pm and 5:30 pm to 11 pm.

Obasan’s Sticky Beef Sliders

The sticky beef sliders at Obasan are a must-try and are priced at $15 apiece. These sliders are served on a fluffy brioche bun and topped with smoky pulled beef short rib and strands of crisp cabbage. Consider trying Obasan’s Smokey Unagi Fried Rice if you’re a big eater. This dish is served with a side of pickles and an egg omelet and is an excellent choice for a filling meal.

This dish is also known as Ling Wai Yi Pan Kan in China. You can find it on a menu in Chinatowns and other neighborhoods. In some cities, you can even order it in Chinese. It’s a must-try, and the Chinese will be thrilled to serve you it!

All-Day Bowls

You’ll be surprised to find a delicious array of bowls on the All-Day Bowls menu at GYPSY. Not only are they innovative, but they also boast a lovely atmosphere. So whether you’re craving classic ramen or something a little different, there’s something on the JYPSY menu.

Yuzu Tofu Cheesecake

For a sweet treat that combines the flavors of Japanese yuzu and classic cheesecake, try Yuzu Tofu Cheesecake. Created by a Japanese chef who teaches Japanese cooking in the UK, this dessert has a lighter texture than a traditional cheesecake. The recipe is easy to make and incorporates two unique Japanese ingredients: silken tofu and yuzu syrup. In addition, this dish contains fewer calories than a traditional cheesecake.

The Yuzu Tofu Cheesecake is a refreshing treat topped with a butter biscuit crumb and covered in a tangy yuzu sauce. It’s not quite as refreshing as the Watermelon Granita, but it’s lighter and more refreshing than the traditional jelak cheesecake. To complement the delicious dessert, JYPSY offers several drinks.

GYPSY serves traditional sakes and Japanese craft beers. Various innovative cocktails are also available for customers to pair with their meals. Guests can also try a Suntory 80-proof cocktail or a Sake Spritz that contains plum and St-Germain liqueur.

The Gypsy Salmon Taco is another popular menu item. It was served on a bed of smooth, creamy mashed potatoes with a hint of wasabi. You can also order charred lamb ribs with wasabi mayo for $26.

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