John Lewis Pet Insurance Reviews


If you’re looking for an affordable pet insurance plan for your cat or dog, John Lewis is a great place to start. This insurer offers a variety of plans at three different levels of coverage. There are plans for cruciate ligament surgery, dental illness, and loss or theft. John Lewis is also affordable if you’re looking for lifelong cover for your pet.

Co-payment excesses increase as your pet gets older

Co-payment excesses for pet insurance can be expensive, but there are ways to make the cost more affordable for older pets. Depending on the insurer, you can choose a flat excess or a percentage of the vet bill. Calculating the insurance cost with your estimated vet bills will help you choose the best option.

Co-payment excesses generally increase as your pet ages. The excess is paid once during the first year of your pet’s policy. After this, you pay 20% of the claim amount. For example, if you claim your dog’s injury, you’ll pay PS250 as the excess. ManyPets offers policies with low excesses until the age of nine. Your pet will be covered for PS7,000 of vet fees during this time. For even more coverage, consider a Lifetime policy with zero excesses.

Cost of cruciate ligament surgery

John Lewis offers a variety of pet insurance policies. The most basic policy is the Essential, while the Premier and policies offer additional benefits. The essential policy covers up to PS500 in vet fees, while the Premier plan covers up to PS2,000. The policies also cover prescription foods and dental treatment up to PS250. Your policy will cover the necessary treatment if your dog or cat gets injured in an accident. MRI/CT scans are also fully covered, up to a specific limit.

For large dogs, cruciate ligament surgery can cost up to $3500. Pet insurance plans should cover at least PS2,500 medical costs to keep costs to a minimum. Excess amounts vary by policy, but if you choose the right policy, you should be able to pay for most medical costs.

Cost of dental illness

John Lewis pet insurance covers the cost of dental care for your pet in cases of emergency. It also covers complementary treatments and behavioral therapies. And you can make claims online or over the phone. If you own two pets, you can also get a second discount. The insurance covers dental treatments and accidental damage to other people’s property.

There are six different levels of coverage with John Lewis pet insurance. In case of an accident or illness, the company will cover dental costs up to PS12. It also offers third-party liability cover up to PS3m.

Cost of injury

John Lewis pet insurance covers the costs of a vet visit if your pet is injured or becomes ill. You can choose a plan that suits your pet’s needs based on age and health issues. Depending on the level of coverage, the insurer will cover up to PS2,000 for injuries or up to PS7,500 for illnesses. John Lewis will also reimburse you for recurring chronic conditions.

John Lewis’s pet insurance policies are available for cats and dogs and are valid for life. You’ll pay an extra fee if your pet becomes over nine years old. A John Lewis discount code can help you save money on insurance policies and keep your pet covered.

Cost of euthanasia

Pet insurance can help you with the cost of euthanasia. This procedure is considered an end-of-life treatment for your pet, and most policies cover it if it is medically necessary. However, it is not something that you should do on your own – a veterinarian will be able to help you make the decision. Costs can vary depending on your chosen procedure, your dog’s weight and age, and other factors. Many insurance policies also cover cremation and burial costs.

Fortunately, the cost of euthanasia is relatively low, especially compared to the cost of a pet’s medical bills. Many insurers cover these costs, but not all do. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider searching for a nonprofit organization that provides reduced costs for pet euthanasia.

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