ICICI Pru IProtect Smart Review


The ICICI Pru iProtect Smart life insurance plan is a good option for people who need life protection without having to undergo a medical exam. The policy has different Riders, Premiums, and Track records. If you are planning to purchase this plan, it is imperative to know the details of the premium and the policy before committing to it.

Term insurance plan

The ICICI Pru I protect Smart Term insurance plan is a flexible plan designed to protect your family in the event of death. The plan offers need-based benefit payouts that the beneficiary can receive as a lump sum or monthly income. It also offers unique benefits for females, including a discount on premiums and coverage for cervical and breast cancer.

There are many benefits to choosing an iProtect Smart Term insurance plan. For example, it can help pay off your home loan. If you were to die while paying off your mortgage, the sum assured would be lowered to a total of Rs 30 lakh. The plan also allows you to pay off premiums in installments of 15 or 30 days, depending on the amount and the payment method.

The Smart project policy also includes a death benefit, terminal illness benefit, and a waiver of future premiums upon diagnosis of a terminal illness. The death benefit will be paid to your nominee if you die or upon diagnosis of a terminal illness. The waiver of future premiums upon diagnosis of ill health is available on all iProtect Smart policies.


ICICI Pru, I protect Smart is a flexible term insurance plan that provides your family with financial support during your death. It has several valuable features and benefits. Depending on your needs, its death benefit is payable as a lump sum or as an income stream. You can also choose from a wide range of riders that will further enhance your coverage.

Compared to separate insurance policies, riders will reduce your premium cost. Moreover, you can add them to any plan. Some of the riders will also come with tax benefits. For example, the ICICI Pru I protect Smart plan offers several riders. Read on to find out which ones might be the best fit for you.

The basic plan includes several riders, including a critical illness and accidental death benefit option. This option also includes a waiver of premiums if you become permanently disabled. The life cover amount can be increased at specific points of your life. You can buy additional riders to maximize coverage and avoid purchasing multiple policies.


The ICICI Pru iProtect Smart policy offers coverage for up to 34 critical illnesses. The plan does not require any medical exam. It also provides accidental death benefits. You can increase the amount of coverage by paying additional premiums. This plan also offers post-retirement benefits.

The ICICI Pru iProtect Smart policy offers an excellent combination of features. For example, this term plan has a special discount for females and a death benefit option. Moreover, it offers you the benefit of a flexible premium payment schedule. In addition, you get tax benefits as a policyholder.

In addition, you can pay premiums online without any hassle. You can choose between monthly, semi-annual, or annual installments. You can also pay the premiums automatically with an account linked to UPI or by credit or debit card.

Track record

The ICICI Pru iProtect Smart policy offers a wide range of benefits. Among them are the coverage against 34 critical illnesses and accidental death, guaranteed one-day claim settlement, and tax savings. This plan is also designed to provide a high level of protection for the family.

The Smart project plan is online term insurance offered by ICICI Prudential. It has been on the market since 2010. The project provides a pure protection plan with an optional Accidental Death Benefit rider. But the Smart project plan has more optional features and benefits. As a result, it is one of the best-selling term insurance plans offered by ICICI Prudential.

In a recent report, the ICICI Pru Life Insurance Company Limited reported a claims settlement ratio of 98.6% during FY 2018-19. The policy also offers flexible coverage options and plan customization. In addition, the policy has a maturity age of 70 years. And unlike many other insurance plans, the iProtect Smart has no medical exam requirement.

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