Huub Bib Shorts Review


Bib shorts are a must-have cycling kit for any rider, whether you’re in the mood for a long weekend’s training or hitting the road for a race. They offer comfort, compression, and a great fit without breaking the bank.

But where do you start? We look at some of the best bib shorts on the market.

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The chamois is the essential part of your bib shorts; it is where you spend most of your time in the saddle, so it should be comfy and padded. Not only that, but it also needs to be able to eliminate chafing for long rides.

HUUB knows this and has designed its Core 3 bib shorts to comfort the rider without sacrificing performance. With a premium Italian-made chamois pad with smooth lines and high-density foam, these bib shorts offer unrivaled comfort during longer rides.

The chamois pad sits lower on the body than on some other shorts, which spreads the support across the legs more evenly. Its three pad width options, including narrow, medium, and wide, help you select the best fit for your frame.


If you want to get the most out of your rides, you need a pair of comfortable bib shorts. They should have a pad that sits properly in the saddle, straps that don’t dig into your stomach, and no excess fabric to flap about.

The Huub, Her Spirit Women’s Bib Shorts take all those elements and make it into a bib that works well on long rides. They feature a high-density Italian chamois that eliminates discomfort, 3D moisture management, and gentle compression fit panels that keep you in place while riding.

We tested them over various distances and conditions, from short and sweet club races to long-distance rides. They performed well for everything from 2 to 4 hours and when used in an aggressive riding position.


HUUB bib shorts are designed to keep you comfortable over long rides. Using high-quality Italian chamois, they eliminate the discomfort caused by extended hours in the saddle.

They also feature 3D moisture management to help rid the body of sweat. The chamois is made from a soft, stretchy fabric that stretches to a great extent and has a breathable upper for improved airflow.

The chamois is also designed to keep modesty and privacy a priority. Many brands use extreme compression to float the chamois independently of the short material, making it discreet while riding, but others choose a more plush, loose ‘nest.’

A good pair of bibs should have a pro-looking raw cut and usually boast subtle branding. They should have laser-cut straps to avoid cutting into the shoulders and leg grippers that hold warmers securely (without a sausage effect).


Bib shorts aren’t just for the gym anymore; they’re also helpful for longer rides and commuting. Comfortable chamois pads, breathable material, and leg muscle compression are all hallmarks of great cycling bibs.

But how much does getting a pair that gets the job done cost? It starts at PS40 for decent bibs with the right features and a good chamois pad, but you can spend well into double figures for posher options.

What makes a bib short stand out is the chamois quality. You can see for yourself by pinning the chamois to your body and pinching it between your fingers to measure its thickness.

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