How to Use Apple Wallet


Apple Wallet is a feature in the Apple mobile operating system. It was previously known as Passbook. It is an app that allows users to store Wallet passes. There are many ways to use the Wallet app. These methods include adding a credit card, boarding pass, driver’s license, and hotel key.

Adding a boarding pass

Adding a boarding pass to an Apple Wallet is as easy as a few taps. Just locate the check in your email, open it, and tap the “Add to Apple Wallet” button. This will add the boarding pass to your Apple Wallet and your travel or concert tickets.

If your boarding pass is on paper, you can still add it to your Apple Wallet using a third-party app. The airline will typically have an app where you can download your boarding pass. Otherwise, you can visit the airline website and request a boarding pass through email. The airline can also send the boarding pass directly to your Apple email account.

If you’re flying with an airline that offers an Apple Wallet app, you can easily add your boarding pass using that app. While not all airlines have a dedicated app, most major airlines do. After completing the check-in process, you’ll see the boarding pass icon and all its details.

Adding a driver’s license

You can add a driver’s license to your Apple Wallet. However, you’ll need an iPhone or Apple Watch that is a recent model to add this document. Your phone should also run the latest iOS and watchOS and be set up with Touch ID or Face ID enabled. It’s also essential that you enable two-factor authentication on your Apple ID.

The feature is currently limited to U.S. driver’s licenses, although more states are expected to follow suit soon. Adding a driver’s license to your Apple Wallet is similar to adding a credit card but comes with added security measures. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

First, you must ensure that your Apple Wallet is compatible with driver’s licenses issued by your state. Then, tap the plus “+” button and select your driver’s license or state I.D. Next, you’ll need to verify your identity by taking a selfie or scanning the front and back of your I.D.

Adding a hotel key

With the new addition of the Wallet app on iOS 15, Apple users can use their Apple Watch or iPhone as a hotel room key. The new feature makes checking in or unlocking your room efficient without forgetting to bring your room key. Hyatt Hotels is one of the first companies to embrace new technology. The company has already announced plans to make the service available at six locations in the U.S.

A video posted on YouTube on Tuesday by Rich DeMuro shows how to use an Apple Wallet to add a hotel room key. Using the app, you can hold your iPhone or Apple Watch in front of the lock in your hotel room. The NFC-enabled app will automatically sync with your devices and unlock your room as soon as you enter the room.

Apple also added new security features in its Wallet app, enabling users to use their iPhones for hotel check-ins and other hotel activities. They will be able to store a digital key to unlock their hotel room and a corporate security badge. Additionally, the latest version of Maps will make it easier to navigate cities, with more detail about buildings, roads, and trees. This will allow users to navigate more quickly when using Apple Maps, even in a foreign language.

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