How to Promote Youtube on Instagram


One of the best ways to promote your Youtube videos is on Instagram. Whether you want to share an excerpt of your video or give a full tour of the process, you can do so with Instagram Stories. Here are a few tips to help you promote your videos on this platform.

Repurposing won’t work well for Reels.

Repurposing video content on multiple platforms is a great way to increase your reach and impact on social media. However, promoting Youtube on Instagram isn’t necessarily a good Instagram wants to be the one place where people create and share content. So its new Reels feature allows brands and creators to connect with users and increase their reach.

Reels appear on the top left corner of your Instagram profile. They are designed to make it easy for people to find new content. These videos are usually between five and fifteen seconds long. Users love short videos.

As for how to promote YouTube on Instagram, you can choose to edit your reels in the Instagram app or add effects within the program. You can also record them inside the app. Be sure to keep them looking native. If you have a watermark, remove it before posting.

Create an Instagram Story with a link to your YouTube video

Instagram Stories can be a great way to share your YouTube videos with your followers. You can upload them directly to your story or create an Instagram Story from a video already uploaded to YouTube.

A recent Instagram update means you can now share your YouTube links directly on your Instagram stories. This feature was previously only available for accounts with 10K followers.

To add the link sticker to your Instagram story, you’ll need to log in with your usual credentials. Then, you’ll need to select Stories from the expanded menu. Next, you’ll need to toggle Allow sharing to stories. When you do, you’ll see a small box displaying a blue font with a clickable link sticker.

Now, you can use the new link sticker to share a YouTube video on your Instagram story. Again, it’s more visible than before.

Engage with your subscribers

You can build a stronger connection with your YouTube subscribers on Instagram. This is because it is a more laid-back platform than the main feed. It is also a great way to promote your channel.

You can use hashtags to make it easier to reach your subscribers on Instagram. Using hashtags, you can group content by category and easily search for specific videos. However, you must be sure to choose relevant tags. Otherwise, your followers won’t be able to find the right video.

Another way to engage with your audience is by asking questions. This is especially useful in the case of live videos. Not only will this show your viewers that you listen, but it will allow them to contribute to the discussion.

Find and join direct messages – or DM – groups.

Instagram DMs allow users to send a photo, video, GIF, story, or a location pin to a select group of people. This will enable businesses to build authentic relationships with their followers. It can also help companies generate new leads.

The ability to DM lets businesses quickly communicate with their customers, which helps them develop a positive brand image. In addition, as the number of Instagram users continues to increase, direct messaging can help businesses generate sales and lead conversions.

To find and join DM groups, use the search function on Instagram. This way, you can choose a group with a specific interest. For example, if your company sells travel products, you might want to find a group of travelers and join them.

Before you do so, however, it is essential to ensure that you follow Instagram’s rules. If you violate them, your account can be banned.

Create a Behind the Scenes video

If you’re planning to create a Behind the Scenes video to promote YouTube on Instagram, there are a few things you should consider first. Firstly, you should know your niche. Secondly, you should use the correct hashtags. Finally, you should also include a link to your YouTube video in your bio.

Finally, you should post your videos on suitable days. The best days for posting are weekends. In addition, updating your Instagram with YouTube content is essential, as this shows your audience that you’re active.

For example, Laura Vitale, a cook with a popular YouTube channel, posts short clips and teasers about her cooking on Instagram. She also mentions her more extended version of the same video on YouTube.

A behind-the-scenes video can capture a wide range of things, such as your team’s technical knowledge, bloopers, and human moments. This type of content marries the sense of community social media is known for, with a deep and transparent connection with the audience.

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