How Much Does Dollar Tree Pay?


Are You Wondering If Dollar Tree Pays? They Offer Competitive Wages & Benefits With Flexible Working Hours

Dollar Tree is a chain of stores offering products across several categories at competitive prices. Their flagship store carries many trusted brand names and private-label merchandise.


Dollar Tree operates over 10,000 stores and offers their employees part-time and full-time employment opportunities, along with benefits like health insurance and vacation days. Overtime can earn bonus payments, with workers typically working up to 30 hours each week but occasionally being required to work more; the typical part-time employee usually works four or five shifts each week.

Dollar Tree cashiers typically earn an hourly pay of $7.81, which falls well below the national average. Their online application enables applicants to enter their zip code and find jobs nearby; once an associate has been hired, they can view their salary information using their Associate ID number on the company website.

Employees working eight-hour shifts are entitled to two 10-minute breaks and can request a 30-minute meal break; it is up to the store manager’s discretion when these breaks will occur. Additionally, the Ship-To-Store service enables customers to place online orders that can be collected in-store.

While previous retail or sales experience can be beneficial, having an optimistic attitude and strong work ethic are the cornerstones of employment at Dollar Tree. Employees should also be willing to stand for extended periods while unloading merchandise or trucks from trucks.

Dollar Tree employees must be friendly and possess practical communication skills; the company provides training to help employees develop these abilities. In addition, workers must understand their rights regarding privacy and freedom from discrimination.

Dollar Tree offers entry-level jobs that provide employees with paid training and work experience, such as cashiers, stockers, and assistant managers. In addition, this company also provides positions such as district managers and merchandise associates; however, minors cannot work in managerial capacities.


Dollar Tree is an iconic retail chain with locations all across the United States, providing competitive wages and benefits, such as health insurance and 401(k) contributions for employees. They also enjoy paid time off and flexible scheduling opportunities; job training and career advancement opportunities exist. Interested applicants may apply either online or at one of their stores.

Dollar Tree’s average pay varies by position and location yet still exceeds the national minimum wage. Furthermore, employees can earn over their hourly rate through overtime work or taking on additional responsibilities to increase annual salaries and access their paystubs online through their company website.

Dollar Tree typically recruits entry-level workers looking to expand their skills and gain experience. These roles usually involve cashiering, stocking merchandise, and providing customer assistance. Qualified applicants should possess excellent math skills and be comfortable working in fast-paced environments while remaining friendly and customer service-oriented.

Dollar Tree’s full-time employees enjoy many benefits, including healthcare and life insurance coverage, paid time off accruals, and 401(k) participation. Plus, employees who reach specific sales goals may be eligible for bonuses!

As a new worker, you should expect a small raise each year depending on your performance and the financial health of your employer. Also, consider whether your current salary compares with comparable workers in your region.

Dollar Tree district managers typically make around $75,000 annually, which falls well below the retail industry average. Their duties involve overseeing multiple stores at once and creating plans to boost profitability at each one.

Candidates applying for this role should possess management experience and an understanding of budgeting and scheduling. They must possess exceptional organizational skills and be capable of working under pressure. In addition, applicants should have customer communication skills while being aware of the company vision and willing to work different shifts.


Dollar Tree is a nationwide retailer offering products at prices never exceeding $1 per item, including housewares, food and snacks, party supplies, and seasonal merchandise. Their stores span North America and Canada, with some featuring Family Dollar stores offering a more comprehensive merchandise selection at lower costs. If you’re interested in working for Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, find out if a store nearby is hiring. If they are, apply online or request one in person from them directly – either way, your application process starts right away!

Dollar Tree employees work flexible shifts ranging from morning to afternoon and evening. This company also offers flexible scheduling options, health insurance, and 401(k) contributions; some employees may receive annual bonuses. Prior retail or sales experience makes an ideal candidate for employment at Dollar Tree, but this experience isn’t required to apply for jobs with them.

Dollar Tree careers provide valuable customer service experience but don’t pay particularly well. A general warehouse associate typically earns $12 per hour, while those specializing in certain areas, such as distribution centers, can make up to $8 per hour.

An entry-level job at Dollar Tree may provide an excellent way to begin working and gain retail experience; however, if you require something more substantial, perhaps another company offers higher wages and benefits.

ZipRecruiter reports the average hourly wage for Dollar Tree Management jobs in New York is $55,501 per hour; however, some cities boasting more active job markets may pay significantly higher hourly wages; for instance, the Bronx offers much higher average pay than Brooklyn, although wage advancement may be limited compared with Brooklyn. It is best to compare all available jobs before making your decision.


Dollar Tree employees can earn an annual average salary of $36,000 depending on their position and location, though many variables could change this number significantly. It’s also important to remember that these figures reflect before-tax pay only.

Hourly workers at Dollar Tree typically receive their pay every Friday following the completion of a work week – starting on Saturday and ending the following Sunday; employees usually receive their paycheck on that Friday following this timeframe. Please contact your store manager for additional details on pay schedules that vary between locations.

As of 2019, there were over 12,000 Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores across the US, employing 580,000 workers – Most part-time workers are defined as anyone working less than 30 hours per week; most hourly employees do not receive benefits.

Senator Patty Murray recently issued letters to Dollar General and Dollar Tree demanding information regarding their labor practices. She believes they have violated worker safety by forcing employees to work without breaks or adequate safety equipment, incurring violations and lawsuits in their stores.

According to The Washington Post, stock associate jobs offer some of the lowest pay among all positions available within an organization’s chain. These positions pay between $8 and $10 an hour and usually require interacting with customers, answering merchandise inquiries, and maintaining a clean sales floor environment. As well as this responsibility comes with loading/unloading deliveries, stocking shelves with products, and replenishing merchandise on shelves as necessary.

Dollar Tree’s assistant store manager position does offer a higher salary than store associate positions. Yet, it remains much lower than managers at larger retail chains make and nowhere close to what managers at local small businesses make. Thus, hourly workers at Dollar Tree cannot expect significant economic advancement throughout their careers at Dollar Tree.

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