Home Depot High Bay Lights

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Home Depot offers an assortment of intelligent lights, the key consideration being how bright it needs to be and where the light should go. The Interesting Info about led high bay light manufacturer.

High bay lights are designed to illuminate ceilings higher than 20ft off the floor, featuring special reflectors and lens angles to help diffuse light efficiently across their surface area. This makes them suitable for workshops, warehouses, and other similar spaces.


HYPERLITE’s high bay light is ideal for warehouses. Boasting powerful brightness and featuring an LED chip that produces 130 lumens per watt, its low power consumption saves money on electricity bills while its easy installation works great with dimmer switches; its five-year manufacturer’s warranty ensures protection in harsh environments.

This product has six bulbs to give you more options when lighting up any space. Designed to look like fluorescent bulbs but with superior brightness, its aluminum housing ensures excellent heat dissipation for constant temperatures without flickering or producing noises.

This Home Depot high bay light features an eye-catching circular/UFO design ideal for industrial settings. Available in multiple wattages – 150, 200, and 240 watts – its IP65 rating means it can withstand harsh environments and is easy to install with a long lifespan. Perfect for anyone seeking high-quality illumination at an economical price point!

BFT 240W UFO LED High Bay Light

If you’re on a tight budget and need high bay lighting, the BFT 240W UFO LED may be just what you’re searching for. Producing 34,560 lumens, its output should more than cover most warehouse or industrial applications. Furthermore, its large heat sink helps with thermal management, so the LED device runs at optimal temperature levels for long life and optimal performance.

This Home Depot high bay light is easy to set up, featuring a US hook, safety rope, and a 6-foot power cord for quick setup in just three minutes – potentially saving money on electrician costs! Perfect for large warehouses, manufacturing facilities, big box retail outlets, gymnasiums, or loft-style offices.

Another advantage of this fixture is its passive cooling system, which keeps temperatures low. Furthermore, its manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty as proof of quality construction.

The HYPERLITE LED high bay stands out as one of the most reliable choices, thanks to its metal construction. Furthermore, its efficiency stands out at 150 lumens per watt; compared with metal halide high bay lights, it can save up to 80% in energy costs! Furthermore, its mounting ring allows easy hardwiring; unlike its competitors, it isn’t equipped with remote controls for ultimate control.

Bulbeats 250W LED High Bay Light.

The Bulbeats LED high bay light is an industrial-grade fixture suitable for warehouses and other extensive facilities, featuring a metal body designed to dissipate heat effectively, thereby increasing its lifespan, as well as an upgraded lens that provides more targeted illumination without losing brightness.

Before purchasing a high bay light from Home Depot, it’s essential to establish the exact brightness required for your space. A lumens per square foot chart or doing the math yourself is one way of doing this, or you could take another approach and calculate precisely how many lumens will fit within your ceiling height and space requirements. Mounting options should also be considered; modern high bay lights are often designed to hang off basic hardware rather than be hardwired into facilities.

The best Home Depot high bay lights depend on your needs and spending limit. The HYPERLITE LED high bay light offers the most excellent flexibility with brightness options of 100 to 250 watts; dimmability; its metal retention pin keeps the hook mount secure; it comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty backed by Amazon’s buyer protection program, while BFT 240W UFO LED high bay light also delivers good performance at a reasonable cost; it is more rugged than its competitor with metal hanging ring for added protection; still providing ample brightness for any space you might require.

Micro Dome Smart LED Lights

Home Depot offers an impressive selection of bright holiday lights, ideal for lighting up any event from Halloween and Christmas to any other celebration or even illuminating your house during an ordinary night. They can be connected via the Hubspace app, or voice platforms Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and controlled manually or scheduled. In addition, these intelligent holiday lights also include energy monitoring features and multiple hub compatibility.

This strand of color-changing bright LED lights is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, providing 11 lighting modes, including warm and multicolor LEDs. Dimmability makes this home decoration relatively high-wattage; the LED lifespan rating stands at 30,000 hours with shatter-resistant construction.

This bulb comes covered with a glass dome similar to old filament bulbs, making hacking this product difficult. However, with some prying tools or guitar picks, you can open it and see the PCB. This Sonoff Micro board uses non-Espressif Wi-Fi modules, making integration into smart homes difficult; Sonoff should include LAN control into their firmware if they wanted this bulb to compete against similar offerings from competitors like Philips Hue or Lutron. Other components on board include bridge rectifiers and electrolytic capacitors with temperatures rating up to 105degC.

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