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Games Pokie offers fun mini-games for killing time with straightforward controls and addictive gameplay, from animal wrangling like a cowboy to merging cyber racers in an intense construction game and fighting comic-style battles. These mini-games will keep you engaged for hours on end! The actual Interesting Info about LOLBeans.

Developers can use GDevelop to integrate their games with Poki’s lightweight SDK and gain top-level metrics on daily active users, engagement levels, earnings potentials, and much more!

Lasso the Animals

The New Zealand-created game Animal Escape features animals running free from their zoos, leaving players to catch and capture them before they escape. Combining fast-paced puzzle action with base-building gameplay, this addictive experience is fun!

Binoculars can help you take advantage of nature by scoping out wildlife before it escapes your grasp. However, each jump from one animal to another decreases your lasso’s size, so to achieve success, your movements must be precise if you wish to catch all those tiny creatures!

People who capture numerous creatures will gain upgrades and access to a virtual zoo where their captured beasts can be displayed. Unfortunately, some of the death sequences in this game can be rather gruesome, mirroring grainy Internet videos of routine animal slaughtering. Again, a fun concept but could have been explored more thoroughly.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity has revolutionized offensive comedy since its introduction. Players use black question-and-white answer cards to fill in phrases that range from the mildly offensive to downright scandalous, amplified by its simple black-on-white aesthetic. They will usually overcome any initial reservations and start having fun!

To play, each player draws ten white cards. The recently defecated player becomes the Card Czar and plays one black card face up, forcing everyone else to select and pass along an answer card that the Card Czar reads aloud; if an answer proves hilarious or provocative enough, they win their round!

Skateboard Hero

Skateboard Hero is an Olympic-themed skateboarding game where players compete to achieve gold. Use keyboard arrows (LEFT and RIGHT) to control your skateboarder while avoiding obstacles, pressing UP to jump over obstacles, double pressing it for kickflips, collecting stickers and bottles as you go, purchasing upgrades to improve performance as you go, collecting stickers from bottles to increase the score as well as buying upgrades to upgrade version if available. Developed by Anti Hero Skate – an association comprised of legendary skateboarding icons Julien Stranger, Frank Gerwer, Peter Hewitt, and Grant Taylor, among many other mythical – you can even use real skateboards!

Car Racing Merge

Build a massive empire! Collect, merge, and upgrade cars to enhance their speed and durability while making money by selling or using them to synthesize new ones!

This game boasts an impressive variety of vehicles, each with its distinct traits and abilities. Rewards may also become available for completion as you complete milestones and challenges.

Create new, faster vehicles by combining two identical cars! Then, move your newly unlocked vehicles onto the racetrack and watch as they win coins each time they cross the finish line! Be the ultimate car tycoon and become the master of this idle clicker that offers an engaging gaming experience for players of all ages – download now to experience its magic for yourself!


Venge is a word used to refer to acts of retribution or revenge, making it a valid word in Scrabble and Words with Friends; additionally, it’s helpful in Lexulous, WordFeud, and other popular word games.

Climbing, the bike feels light and efficient – an ideal sprinter’s ride. Though more rumbly than Specialized’s sixth-generation Tarmac Disc and less settled around corners, this bike offers quick performance with comfort overall.

At launch, the S-Works level Venge is only available in one color. It features a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain and disc brakes, carbon power meter crankset, Roval CLX64 64mm-deep tubeless wheels with tubeless-ready hubs, and Specialized S-Works Power saddle. Compatible with any bar/stem combination, round bars, or exposed cables will incur an aero penalty.

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