Fun Trips to Barcelona


Barcelona is best-known for its architecture, yet there’s much more to do in this Catalan gem besides just admiring castellers (human towers) or shopping local treasures! There is so much more waiting to be discovered here! The actual Interesting Info about cosas que hacer en barcelona.

Shop La Boqueria or smaller neighborhood markets for an authentic shopping experience, and introduce children to marine life at Barcelona Aquarium!

1. Day Trip

Barcelona is a unique urban destination and one could spend weeks discovering its neighborhoods, enjoying delicious cuisine and visiting local bars. But if you only have a day to explore Barcelona, pick out a few must-see attractions with this convenient package tour to cover all the highlights in one swift trip.

As your first stop on this package tour, Barcelona’s sprawling Guell Park (Parc Guell) provides an eye-catching display of structures and views. As it can get hectic during the daytime hours, consider booking skip-the-line tickets in advance to save yourself some waiting.

Your next stop should be Passeig de Gracia to admire its magnificent boulevard views, as well as take in its famed ‘Block of Discord,’ which contains three of Barcelona’s iconic architectural marvels within one block: Casa Lleo I Morera by Luis Domenech i Montaner, Casa Amatller by Puig y Cadalfach and Antoni Gaudi’s Casa Batllo. Feel free to stop for a lunch break in Ax-Les-Thermes before proceeding on towards Montserrat monastery and church!

Tour participants then board a cog-wheel train bound for Montserrat, a mountainous region home to the 12th-century Black Virgin monastery and incredible mountaintop views. Time permitting, cathedral visits may also be included on this itinerary, and lunch can be found either at the monastery restaurant or one of several other options in town.

2. Night Tour

Navigating Barcelona by night is an unforgettable experience, revealing its true colors through lighting effects, luminescent streets, and hidden corners of this incredible city. Your visit may include tasting tapas with a local guide while discovering more about their culture and history, or hearing tales of haunted spirits rummaging through Gothic Quarter’s cobwebbed lanes (it truly is dark).

One of the most engaging night tours available in Barcelona takes you on an intimate Segway ride through its vibrant lights as the night progresses, providing an unimpeded way of taking in all its sights without impeding people from going about their business. Additionally, your tour includes delectable tapas led by an excellent flamenco show before stopping off at a stylish pre-club bar for some refreshing drinks before returning home.

One of the best night tours to Barcelona combines visiting an historic palace with dining on medieval dishes from some of Europe’s oldest recipe books, before you’re whisked off to a super-swanky club where you’ll dance, drink and be entertained by top DJ hits in VIP style!

Take a cruise and watch the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea; this will provide an elegant way to spend an evening while simultaneously learning more about aquatic life.

3. Day Trip with a Local Guide

If you have only 24 hours to explore Barcelona or are on a cruise that stops for one day in Barcelona, take this tour with a local guide for the best possible experience – you will learn all there is to see, from top attractions to hidden gems!

Gaudi’s most celebrated work, Sagrada Familia, is your first stop. Even non-religious visitors will experience its spiritual essence: this vast structure decorated with biblical allegories, natural themes, and mathematical equations will draw your gaze. Skip-the-line access is available and includes entry to its tower.

Once you’ve seen the Sagrada Familia, take your guide for a stroll along la Rambla’s narrow streets to learn its rich history and visit any number of shops or cafes to sit down for some R& R and relax.

La Vall del Boi offers another unforgettable day trip from Barcelona: it boasts some genuinely gorgeous photo opps! As one of Catalonia’s smallest villages, La Vall del Boi offers some charming houses perched atop cliffs overhanging a river below. These houses sit along two volcanic plates colliding to form this impressive spectacle of an idyllic village setting.

Guided walking tours in the area and more options can be found on this website. Context experiences provide unique access that goes beyond regular tours, perfect if you want to create authentic connections between history and culture.

4. Private Tour

Private tours provide travelers with an adaptable, tailor-made experience that’s tailored to their personal preferences. Led by an expert local guide, these trips allow travelers to add or modify elements as desired during their tour – perfect for spending extra time admiring an iconic landmark, stopping for longer at a cafe shop, trying a unique dish, etc.

Traveling on a private tour allows travelers to feel secure and trusted by those they’re travelling with – this can be especially valuable when traveling with children, elderly relatives or anyone else. Furthermore, private tours ensure the pace is suitable for everyone on board.

As opposed to group tours, private tours provide you with undivided attention from a knowledgeable local guide. Our guides will go beyond standard tourist routes to reveal the true magic and culture of any destination beyond classic tourist trails, whether that means exploring Gaudi’s architecture, tasting delicious culinary treats on a food tour, or learning about Catalan Modernism through an exclusive lecture before visiting La Sagrada Familia; our experiences will immerse you in Barcelona’s rich tales and places!