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When you need to work on a document that has been authored in Adobe PDF, you will need a tool that can allow you to edit it. This is where a tool such as the Foxit PDF Editor can come in handy. It is compatible with macOS and will allow you to perform several tasks, such as searching, redacting, and viewing the document on both sides. You can also join and link text within the document, allowing you to navigate it quickly.

Cross References

Cross references are links that refer the reader from one part of a document to another. These links can be created in various pre-designed formats or customized. For example, they can be used to hyperlink multiple search terms and text references.

A cross-reference can be added to any document. Foxit PDF Editor Pro provides several options for editing these cross references. The program can include icons, menu items, and workflow. In addition, the software can convert HTML to PDF and split and combine PDF files. It also allows users to export PDF content.

Cross-references can be generated from a text anchor or a paragraph style. This is handy if the text referred to differs from the destination paragraph.

View Documents Side by Side

Foxit PDF Editor is a valuable tool for those who want to read, edit, or eSign PDFs. It has a full-featured platform and allows users to collaborate, secure, and OCR. In addition, it offers improved page management, calculator integration, and more.

The most impressive feature is the ability to view multiple documents. This is possible with the application’s multi-instance mode. Select the Documents – tab from the top menu to activate this feature. Then, double-click on the two PDF files you want to compare, and they’ll appear as a pair of windows. You can also position them side by side and resize them to your liking.

Using the “Show Preview” checkbox, you can see a sneak peek of the comparisons. Additionally, the tool can save you trouble by automatically generating a report containing the comparisons.

Link & Join Text

Foxit PDF editor is a powerful tool that allows you to convert and edit your PDF files. It can change text, images, and character spacing. The device also has a built-in spell checker. You can also use it to copy data from the clipboard.

If you are using a PDF that has a complex layout, you may be wondering how to join text blocks. Fortunately, there is an easy solution.

The first step is selecting the text blocks you want to link. Then, Foxit will automatically reflow the contents of the set text boxes as the size changes.

You can select a font and font size when ready to add new content. In addition, you can change the background color or font color of the text box and the line spacing.

Search & Redact Options

The Foxit PDF editor has a variety of search and redacts options to ensure that your sensitive data is protected. These include a built-in universal search, a text markup feature, and digital signatures. These tools allow you to redact content and find the information you need in a fraction of the time.

In addition, Foxit has an intelligent review system that will detect and remove information that is considered sensitive. You can then verify that the information has been removed. It also provides several other features designed to make the redaction process as easy as possible.

The Search & Redact command is a handy tool that lets you quickly locate and redact content within multiple PDF files. For example, you can select all text within a particular folder or the entire portfolio.

Compatible with macOS

Foxit is a PDF editor for Mac that lets you create, edit, and sign documents. It has a powerful file protection feature and a built-in PDF reader. You can also use it to collaborate on your documents.

The editor can be installed on several different operating systems, including iOS, Windows, and macOS. Users can also download a free trial version. A yearly plan starts at USD 69.

One of the critical features of the Foxit Reader is its Multi-tab PDF viewer. This allows you to switch quickly between documents.

Another key feature is the ability to annotate and comment on PDFs. In addition, it also supports digital signatures and forms field recognition.

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