Foodease Review


Foodease’s artificial intelligence technology uses just seconds to find the ideal restaurant, lunch, dinner, or date night spot based on your preferences.

Sensory food aversion is often associated with picky eating behavior and can result in limited diet and even social isolation for children. Furthermore, such fearful reactions could prevent them from visiting friends’ houses or eating at foreign restaurants out of fear of certain foods.

Easy to use

Foodease’s app makes cooking meals that meet dietary needs and preferences easy for families of any size, offering thousands of unique and sumptuous recipes from around the world and making it simple to track calories! With its revolutionary technology, automating the cooking process and automatically monitoring its progress – and alerting you when your meal is done so you don’t waste your precious mealtime time waiting! Plus, its quick disassembly/dishwasher-safe components make cleanup a breeze!

Foodease, a Tufts Gordon Institute student-run venture, recently tied for second place in the $100K New Ventures competition. Its founding team members Christina Holman, Earn Khunpinit, Lee Ann Song, Ashton Stephens, and Sai Wang – graduate students enrolled in Master of Innovation and Management programs – recently spoke with Tufts Now about their work and mission against the COVID-19 health crisis.

Foodease will open its food hall at Water Tower Place, Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, this week. Situated in what was formerly the shoe department space of the mall, Foodease promises to double dining options for shoppers by featuring an expansive salad bar, extensive sushi and deli counter, a 12-seat wine bar offering cheese, charcuterie, and wine by the bottle, plus an interactive Coke Freestyle machine offering over 100 drink varieties!

Easy to clean

Stringent FDA regulations regarding cleanliness in food services drive hygienic, easy, clean food processing equipment market growth. These machines offer superior cleaning & decontamination, prevention of microorganism growth, and quick maintenance timeframe, providing improved operational efficiency while simultaneously lowering compliance costs, waste reduction, and ultimately producing high-quality foodstuffs.

Additionally, these products are widely utilized for manufacturing bakery, dairy, and meat products that require cleaning to reduce microbial contamination and enhance food quality, with growing health awareness worldwide and rising demand for nutritional bakery and dairy products likely driving industry expansion by 2025.

Due to its robust food market, Brazil is expected to experience significant gains in hygienic, easy-clean food processing equipment market size. Brazil is an abundant producer of coffee, fruits, dairy products, vegetables, and grains commonly used in processing foods, increasing consumption due to hectic lifestyles driving product demand by 2025.

Easy to store

Foodease is a convenient grab-and-go eatery specializing in healthy meals and snacks, offering customers salad bars and sushi bars. Conveniently located at Water Tower Place (inside what was once Lord & Taylor shoe department), customers can even grab a glass of wine at its 12-seat wine bar!

There is something to suit every palate here, from quick and easy dishes that take only minutes to prepare to more complex recipes that require long cooking times – for example, a slow-cooker beef stew could take four or six hours for optimal flavor development between meat and vegetables.

Foodease’s key role in disaster preparedness lies in offering families comforting home-cooked meals as a source of nutrition in times of emergency. The company seeks to bring delicious comfort food into families’ homes during these challenging times and give them the confidence to rely on them when food supplies become limited or unavailable.

Easy to prepare

Foodease’s versatile design enables it to handle a range of recipes, from quick and easy dishes like lunch and dinner to slow-cooker options like a slow-cooked beef stew that takes four or six hours to complete cooking. So you can enjoy delicious yet nutritious food without worry over how long its preparation will take!

This program gives participants lifetime access to a private member-only Facebook group and detox plan designed to reset their bodies and begin feeling better immediately. In addition, the guide includes steps on forming new relationships with food and finding joy again while eating.

Holman and Song have been working on the FoodEase project for over a year, but with COVID-19’s health crisis, its importance has become more pressing than ever. Recently, they spoke to Tufts Now about their work, the challenges facing their solution, and how their technology combines pre-planning programs, training programs, geographical data collection tools regarding food hubs, and information on optimal routes for distributing food products.