Cup Song Tutorial


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play the cup song, you’ve come to the right place. This cup song tutorial will show you how to set up a cup game, do the cup song, and create a 4/4 time version of the song. Start by reciting the first part of the cup song, moving the cup to the right, and clapping as you go. Repeat the sequence as many times as you need to feel comfortable. Then, move to the second part of the song, moving the cup diagonally to the table and clapping.

How to do the cup song

If you’ve seen the movie “Pitch Perfect,” you’ve probably seen the Cup Song. This viral movement has swept the internet, but how do you do the cup song? It takes talent to be good at this song. Kristina G, a YouTube user, made a video that quickly gained over 6 million views. Watch her performance of the Cup Song for a guide on how to do it.

The first part of the cup song involves clapping your hands and knocking the bottom of the cup against the table. Repeat the sequence until you feel comfortable. For the second part of the cup song, you move the cup diagonally and tap the bottom corner against the table. Repeat until the melody is complete.

The cup song was first popularized in the movie “Pitch Perfect,” in which Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson perform a version of the song. In the film, Kendrick sits on a floor with a cup in her hand, singing an understanding of the song “When I’m Gone.” The song was initially written by the group Lulu and Lampshades but was reworked by the actresses in 2009. The song was a big hit; even Anna Kendrick performed it on David Letterman’s show.

How to set up a cup game

When setting up a cup song game, the most important thing to remember is to select sturdy cups. Even though plastic cups can make a beautiful sound when hit, they can break if you’re not careful. Therefore, you should be sure to test them first. You can also choose glass cups, which are more durable and make a better sound when clapped to a table.

After the Perfect Pitch movie, cup games became popular in elementary music classrooms. Plastic cups are cheap and can be bought almost anywhere. They can make a variety of percussive sounds. If you’re not sure what kind of sound you want, try searching on YouTube for some ideas. Just be sure to disinfect the cups after each game. Also, avoid passing them around because this is illegal in our current time.

To set up a cup song game, you’ll need to have a large enough area for the students to spread out. To do so, you’ll need cups that are different colors. The number of cups varies depending on the number of players.

How to create a cup song

The first part of the Cup Song is to clap and move the cup to the right. Repeat the sequence as often as necessary until you feel comfortable with it. The next part of the song is to move the cup diagonally, with the bottom corner on the table. If you want to make your Cup Song even more challenging, you can have your students create their icons to represent the different sounds.

A cup can be a great musical instrument, and it can be easy to practice with. It is the perfect tool for percussion. If you have some spare plastic cups, you can also use them for the Cup Song. The most important tip is to use a plastic cup, as heavy cups can make it challenging to perform the song.

How to do the cup song in 4/4 time

The Cup Song is a clap/pass rhythm pattern that works with any song in 4/4. If you’re unfamiliar with this clap/pass pattern, you can use Google Slides to learn how to do it. You can also use YouTube links to find songs with the clap/pass pattern.

First, move your cup to the right and clap. Repeat this sequence until you’re comfortable. Move the cup diagonally with your right hand in the second part of the song. This part of the song involves hitting the bottom edge of the cup on the table. You can also clap the table with your left hand.

Students can also create their cup routines. Younger students can contribute ideas while older ones can make up their games. You can also make up icons to represent different sounds made with the cups.

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