CrazyGames Review


CrazyGames is a gaming site that offers a number of puzzle games that can challenge your cognitive skills and memory. These games are perfect for anyone who is interested in puzzle games that are both visually immersive and challenging. Many of the puzzle games featured on this site do not follow a traditional format and feature vibrant colors and satisfying animations. Some of the games also feature 3D graphics.

Dumb Ways to Die 2

If you’ve ever played Dumb Ways to Die, you’ll know how much fun it can be. This game is packed with puzzles and requires quick reactions. You must avoid tripping on slippery surfaces, falling off bridges, and burning yourself. If you want to advance to the next level, you need to train yourself.

The game is developed by Metro Trains and is categorized as Casual. It requires an Android emulator like BlueStacks to play the game. The game also includes a video tag. If you have an Android device, you can use BlueStacks to install the game on your PC. BlueStacks also lets you play Android games on your PC. It also supports video tags, so it’s great for playing Dumb Ways to Die 2 on PC.

Dumb Ways to Die 2 is an action-packed sequel to the original game. The game features colorful graphics and a point-and-click interface. Players must interact with characters and objects on the screen to survive, avoid obstacles, and collect items. They can die up to three times before they reach the end of the game.

World’s End 2

World’s End 2 is a strategy RPG with a darkly comedic twist. In this game, you must stop aliens from destructing Earth by using your wits and surroundings. As you make your way through the game, you’ll find yourself surrounded by bizarre creatures and dangerous obstacles.

12 MiniBattles

The game features 12 MiniBattles, local multiplayer, one button battle games. You can play against up to 6 opponents at a time. The games are incredibly fun, especially if you’re into the arcade style of gaming. You can use your computer, touch buttons, and a controller to play them.

If you’re looking for a fun game to play with your friends, 12 MiniBattles is the best choice. It features over 12 minigames, ranging from racing and shooting to sports and more. The game is fast-paced and has great retro graphics.

You can play football, a variety of sports, golf, and even gun shootouts, and each one is a different type of game. In addition to varying gameplay, each game has a different environment and era. Each mini-game is a unique challenge to play and will keep you hooked for hours.

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