Clementi’s Yassin Kampung Menu


The menu at Yassin Kampung is simple yet diverse. You can choose one of the Mini Buffets, which includes rice/noodle dishes, meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. Alternatively, you can choose the Rice + 2 Dishes, which includes rice and a main dish.

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Shiok Garden

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate Raya with friends and family, the Shiok Garden Hotpot & BBQ Buffet is an excellent choice. The buffet serves up Mala-inspired dishes at competitive prices. For example, a $40 R/L portion of Mala-fried crab boasts a special blend of premium ingredients, including Sichuan peppercorn.

Shiok Garden is one of the largest dining options in Yassin Kampung, with more than 300 people. It features a hotpot and BBQ dining concept, which sets it apart from traditional halal Asian seafood fare. Recently, the restaurant rolled out new menu prices and added a special Child price for children below ninety centimeters tall. Each table has a hotpot, two soup bases, and a grill side for barbecue items.


Yassin Kampung opened its first outlet in Marsiling last year. It has since become a popular dining destination for locals and travelers who pass through the Causeway. It has earned a loyal following of customers with its family-friendly environment and affordable prices. In addition, its authentic kampung flavors and charm have been preserved at its new outlet in Admiralty.

Yassin Kampung is a Halal zi char restaurant, and the menu includes local favorites like zi char and dim sum. It also has a seafood family favorite, which is why it’s popular for family set meals. Its menu is also available online.


Clementi’s Yassin Kampung menu is full of seafood specialties and Asian influences. The food is designed to capture Singaporean cuisine’s essence and pay homage to the culture. The menu offers various dishes to suit all budgets and palates.

The menu features dishes such as the popular Kampung char, a local favorite, and various dim sums. Clementi’s Yassin Kampung also offers halal seafood options, the usual seafood, and dim sum fare. The restaurant is a popular choice for family set meals.

Yassin Kampung is a good choice if you are looking for halal zi char in Singapore. The food is prepared by Chef Yassin Ng, who has over 30 years of experience. The menu includes delectable delicacies such as durian chicken and mala crab. The Kampung Durian Chicken is a unique experience – it’s made with durians but passes as salted egg yolk chicken.

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