Citizens Insurance Reviews


Citizens Insurance offers a variety of insurance policies. It sells HO-3 home insurance policies that cover the structure and contents of the home and any detached structures. The policy covers medical payments, liability exposure, and additional living expenses. It may also include sinkhole coverage. In addition, Citizens offers personal property replacement costs.

Citizens Insurance’s deductibles

The deductible on your Citizens Insurance policy is the amount you must pay for repairs or replacement of a covered structure or item. It applies to all insured structures and personal property. You must pay the deductible before the insurance company starts paying you. If your losses exceed the deductible, Citizens will pay the rest up to your coverage limit. If you have questions about deductibles, ask an agent. There are different types of deductibles, and higher deductibles can reduce your premiums.

You may not qualify for Citizens insurance if you have a home worth $700,000 or less. The company only offers coverage up to a million dollars for those homes. If you own a home worth more, you may want to look for a different insurer. Citizens also offer optional add-on coverage for sinkholes and building ordinance violations. You can also upgrade your policy to replacement cost valuation for personal property.

Because Citizens is a government entity, they have lower coverage limits than private companies. For instance, if your house has $2,000 worth of jewelry, you may only be able to claim $1,000. Likewise, you might be covered for only a few hundred dollars if your house was damaged by mold. Other insurance carriers can offer up to $50,000 in mold coverage.

Add-on coverages

In addition to home insurance, Citizens also offers a variety of add-on coverages. For example, it may include coverage for water backup and sump pump failure. Both of these are not standard features in many homeowners insurance policies. Other add-on coverages offered by Citizens include building ordinance coverage and sinkhole coverage. You can also upgrade your policy to include replacement cost valuation of personal property.

Citizens also offer standalone wind-only policies for certain types of homes. These policies offer less coverage for significant perils but are cheaper to purchase. Wind-only policies are a viable option if you live in an area that experiences frequent hurricanes. However, you should know that these policies are unavailable in all areas.

If you own more than one vehicle, Citizens sells the Prestige package. This package is designed for customers with multiple vehicles and higher-value homes. In addition to home insurance, this package also offers additional medical and living expenses coverage. It also offers discounts for drivers who drive anti-theft devices and those who leave their cars at home while going to school. The Citizens Prestige package also offers extras like coverage for teen drivers.

Track record of customer complaints

Citizens Insurance is currently engaged in a depopulation process, which means that its customers will be offered the opportunity to move into the private market to get the same coverage they have now. When they do, they will receive a letter with several choices. Therefore, it is essential to consider all these options and choose the one that best suits their needs.

Citizens is a for-profit insurance company with a history of customer complaints, including several complaints about the company’s claims process. Customers have been unhappy with the company’s service and have posted numerous complaints on the Better Business Bureau and social media sites. They also have complained about problems communicating with representatives during the claims process and rates going up without explanation. In addition, the company’s complaints against itself are pretty common and started ramping up in the early 2000s.

Citizens Insurance is a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost, basic homeowners insurance policy. It offers affordable coverage and consistently ranks among the cheapest in the state, but its customer service isn’t the best. While they provide adequate coverage for a reasonable price, many customers have reported a lack of customization. For example, they cannot modify the amount of personal liability coverage they carry. In addition, their complaints are among the highest among insurance companies.


The Price of Citizens’ Insurance is higher than it’s been in years. According to the Insurance Journal, a recent hurricane in Florida caused the insurance company to increase rates by as much as 20%. Because of this, the company has been forced to raise its replacement value; a figure used to calculate premiums. As a result, it has been unable to keep its rates competitive with those of private insurers.

The price hikes are not the only cause of rising insurance costs. For example, a hurricane tax was implemented in 2007 that raised the cost of insurance by 1%. This tax raised between $350 million and $500 million annually. But the rate hikes were short-lived and ended a year early, in 2014. The last time the hurricane tax was imposed, it affected about 1 million policies. It peaked at 1.5 million policies in 2012.

If you’re in the market for a home insurance policy, consider looking into Citizens. The company provides insurance for homes worth $700,000 and $1 million in certain counties. It also offers various wind-only policies, beneficial if you live in a region with high winds. However, you should be aware that this insurance does not cover flood, water backup, or open-air structures.

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