Buying a Puppy From Craigslist


Craigslist can be just as dangerous for pet buyers as purchasing from traditional pet stores; one German Shepherd puppy advertised on Craigslist was found dead from parvovirus just weeks after being purchased by a Vancouver couple from there.

If you’re considering buying a dog through Craigslist, watch out for these potential red flags: a meager price that appears too good to be true, requests for payment before viewing the animal in person, and poor grammar or spelling in their advertisements.


Puppies make adorable additions to any family, making an excellent companion and friend. However, the puppy you select must match your lifestyle and home environment; for example, if you live in an apartment complex, small-breed dogs may be best. In addition, be mindful of local laws regarding dog ownership – some cities prohibit certain types of dog breeds – if any questions arise, contact your local animal control department and inquire further.

Are you in Vancouver looking for a pet? Craigslist provides plenty of choices; cats, kittens, and puppies can all be found there, as well as information regarding pet adoption events, as well as classes and forums to teach care of these furry companions.

Many people searching for their next pet online turn to Craigslist as a source. Here, there are thousands of legitimate ads as well as potential scams; to be safe, always read all fine print carefully to make sure you’re dealing with a trusted seller.

Find a Pet in Vancouver, WA There are numerous ways to locate an ideal pet in Vancouver, WA, but the easiest and most accurate method is online search engines. Search engines allow for narrowed searches with more accurate results, while visiting a shelter or rescue organization may yield pictures of available animals.

PawBoost, a free service that reunites lost pets with their owners, is used by over 1.603,725 pet owners worldwide and boasts an incredible 95% success rate in finding missing animals. This makes PawBoost an excellent solution for those uncomfortable purchasing or adopting from stores or private sellers; note, however, that Washington residents may only own up to four animals at once per household.


If you’re in Vancouver, WA, and searching for a kitten, consider exploring Craigslist’s Vancouver, WA, Pets section. There is an assortment of cat breeds to choose from; some even may be available for adoption! Be sure to read each ad carefully, remembering that adopting from a shelter is always your best bet!

Before buying from Craigslist, be aware of several rules regarding purchasing pets: You should meet with the seller in public and never use checks as payment; additionally, ensure there are no scammers involved and that the cat is healthy before making your purchase; also consider using credit cards in case there’s any chance of fraud occurring when making payments for pet purchases.

Be mindful that when purchasing a dog from Craigslist, meeting its owner in a safe location with someone present can help ensure a successful transaction. Bring a leash, collar, and any necessary supplies for the animal you’re considering purchasing; if unsure, seek help from an animal control worker or trusted friend when looking for your perfect companion pet.

There are also reputable breeders on Craigslist offering puppies and dogs for sale, usually small businesses that specialize in one particular animal and often provide multiple litters each year for sale. By buying from these reputable breeders, you are assured of getting a healthy, happy pup.

On Craigslist, you can also find cats and other pets for adoption, from puppies to mixed-breed cats and purebred breeds. There is an impressive variety of cats to choose from, with some more suitable for families with young children than others; others might prefer spending their days alone; some like being playful, while others would remain more subdued – and all kinds are available as purebred or mixed breed.

If you’re searching for a puppy or cat in Vancouver, WA, browse Craigslist Pets section – you might find some fantastic bargains there, not to mention saving money by adopting! You might save yourself time and money, too!


People often turn to Craigslist to rehome their pets, which can sometimes prove problematic. Apart from obvious issues such as animals being adopted into households that cannot adequately care for them, other concerns include rabbits taken for reasons that do not benefit the animal, such as fighting rings using them as bait or being sold at auction – this practice posing severe health threats both to rabbits themselves as well as other small creatures.

Estimates suggest that millions of unwanted pet animals are euthanized annually, mainly because many owners lack knowledge or resources on how to care for their pets correctly or don’t know where to seek assistance. Furthermore, individuals have taken to using the Internet illegally as a breeding ground – while it can be a helpful tool, this should never be used as a means of illegally breeding animals for sale.

Craigslist is an online classified website offering local classified ads and forums for jobs, housing, for sale items, and services provided locally, as well as events. Additionally, it hosts numerous popular discussion boards covering a range of topics.

Portland Craigslist can be an invaluable source for finding new pets, but navigating it can be tricky. Below are a few helpful hints for selecting an animal best suited for you and your family.

The first step to adopting a pet is to decide which species interests you most. Craigslist provides several kinds of pets you could consider adopting, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and hedgehogs – each has different requirements, so when selecting one, you need to consider its breed, age, and personality before selecting.

Check if the pet you desire is healthy, as this will reduce costs and care requirements over time. Unhealthy animals tend to be more expensive and difficult to care for.

Make sure there is sufficient space available for the pet you are considering. A cage that fits all the necessary provisions (food, water, and toys) should also be made available.

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Rehoming an animal such as a cat or rabbit requires ensuring the adopter is the ideal match. Ask prospective adopters questions about their lifestyle and experience with pets that require extra care – such as reptiles and birds. If possible, visit their home so you can meet both pet and adopter and see how they interact with one another and discuss their routine and rules; make sure they know you will return it if they become unhappy there.