Bosch Hammer Demolition Tools


Bosch hammer demolition tools feature reduced vibrations to the torso to provide more comfort when chipping concrete. A padded rear handle and decoupled auxiliary handle provide for more control, and there is even an onboard Service Minder(tm) light for preventative maintenance. Best way to find the Oceanside Demolition Contractor.

This 13 amp power hammer features 2,900 blows per minute at constant response circuitry for smooth starts, continuous power delivery, and overload protection. Furthermore, its Vario-Lock positioning system enables bits to be secured in 12 positions for added versatility.

Variable speed trigger

The Bosch DH507 SDS-Max demolition hammer is specifically designed to handle everyday demo chipping tasks, including removing wall and floor tiles, cutting slots in masonry or concrete, creating recesses, breaking through concrete, and separating bricks and blocks. It delivers up to 9.6 ft-lbs of impact energy at an impressive power-to-weight ratio and offers improved ergonomics, such as an ergonomic grip area on its hammer tube for better control when chiseling tight spaces; tool-free bit changes can be completed using its chuck system while its Service Minder light helps reminds when maintenance may be necessary.

This 18V battery-operated rotary hammer provides corded-like performance using high-efficiency brushless motor technology. It features a variable speed trigger and KickBack Control to protect operators during bit-bind situations. In addition, it boasts a multifunction mode selector and ergonomic D-handle for enhanced user comfort.

The variable speed dial gives users more freedom when working with various applications. A low setting is ideal for demoing tile and plaster, while higher settings work best when chiseling hard concrete. Furthermore, its lightweight design enables greater portability and comfort and includes a soft start feature with overload protection.

SDS-max(r) chuck system

Demolition hammers are powerful equipment used in drilling, civil engineering, and construction projects to dismantle various structures such as wooden walls or concrete surfaces. Bosch SDS-max(r) chuck systems enable this tool to accept standard SDS-max demo bits for maximum transference of impact energy to their bit; additionally, they come equipped with an auxiliary handle to maximize user comfort and can reach difficult-to-reach places.

Some models feature an onboard Service Minder(tm) light to notify when maintenance is due, while others can be adjusted with variable speeds to match different jobs. Active vibration control reduces the effects of vibration on user’s bodies for increased comfort and extended tool use; furthermore, they come equipped with a padded rear handle for extra cushion.

The Bosch DH507 SDS-max Demolition Hammer is a 10-AMP tool designed to get the job done, offering 5.6-foot lbs. of impact energy at only 12.4 pounds and boasting an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. With Vario-Lock positioning that ensures precision rotation and locking of its chisel blade, plus Constant Response circuitry for constant power under load with smooth starts and overload protection, this is one tool you won’t want to leave home without.

The 11321EVS SDS-max Demolition Hammer was created explicitly for heavy-duty applications, boasting 17 ft-lbs of impact energy and 2,900 BPM maximum impact rate. Weighing just 13.7 lbs for an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and featuring the SDS-max(r) chuck for quick chisel changes and Vario-Lock positioning to allow rotation/lock of 12 positions of optimal working angles simultaneously; additionally, its Constant Response circuitry offers soft start/overload protection as well.

Active Vibration Control

The Bosch BH2760VCB brute breaker demolition hammer is ideal for heavy-duty applications such as foundation work and pipe laying, with an impressive impact energy of 35 Ft-Lbs for such an efficient tool weighing just 63 Lbs. Powered by any standard 115/120V AC/DC outlet or portable generator up to 2,500W, its Minder Brush System lets users know when it is time to service preventative maintenance while its Padded Rear Handle and Active Vibration Control features make it perfect for extended chiseling or demolition jobs.

A 14.5-amp motor delivers 9.6 foot-lb of impact energy and weighs 18.3 lbs for outstanding power-to-weight ratio performance. Constant Response circuitry ensures smooth starts, with overload protection built-in for long service life and tool-free bit exchange made simple via the Vario-Lock positioning system and Vario-Lock.

Service Minder(tm) light

Bosch concrete demolition hammers include an on-board Service Minder light to notify users when maintenance is due, helping reduce breakage. They also feature dust control for cleaner working environments and rotating auxiliary handles that enable positioning at specific angles. Active Vibration Control reduces hand fatigue, so you can use your breaker hammer longer without becoming fatigued.

This lightweight 12.4 lb demo hammer features an outstanding power-to-weight ratio with its 5.6 Ft-Lbs of impact energy at 2,800 BPM and SDS-max(r) bit system, which provides tool-free bit changes and optimized transfer of impact energy. Other features include 360-degree rotating auxiliary handle rotation and adjustable speed control—an ideal combination for outdoor asphalt removal projects or foundation removal work indoors or outdoors.