Bloomjulia Clothing Reviews


Bloomjulia is a brand associated with A&KE Limited and Qandies Limited, two problematic sites. Some other brands linked to Bloomjulia include Wiipop, YeahBikinis, and ThunderBuy. Other online retailers affiliated with Bloomjulia include BulkggDeals, TopeStore, and FastShipTool.


If you want to buy summer dresses online but have never heard of Bloomjulia, you need to know a few things about this clothing brand before buying from them. First, you should be aware of the company’s parent company. Its parent company is CHICV UK LIMITED, a troubled company that operates many other questionable sites.

Bloomjulia’s website features a Return and Exchange Policy. However, this policy doesn’t apply to all cases, and you’ll need to return your purchase in good condition. Also, you will have to pay for the return shipping, which is non-refundable in most cases. If you’re considering buying clothing from Bloomjulia, be aware that the return policy may not be so friendly.

Quality of products

Many factors can determine the quality of Bloomjulia Clothing products. For example, the brand name is a good quality indicator, but brand recognition alone is not enough. It is vital to investigate the origins of a garment before purchasing it. The price can also determine the quality of a clothing item. However, it can be challenging to determine the cost of a product based on the brand name.

Return policy

Bloomjulia Clothing has a flexible return policy. The company allows customers to return items within 14 days of purchase. The returned item must be unworn and unwashed. After the return is processed, the customer will be reimbursed in the original form of payment or store credit. Certain items are final sale, including sunglasses, undergarments, hemmed pants, and jewelry.

Image quality

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Website theme

If you’re planning to start a clothing reviews website, you’ll probably want to choose a highly customizable theme. You’ll want a theme compatible with the famous drag-and-drop builder, Elementor. You’ll also want a fully responsive theme. Finally, you’ll want a theme that adheres to SEO best practices.

Bloomjulia’s parent company is CHICV UK Limited, a company linked to many problematic sites. This company operates Bloomjulia, Candieslady, and Kinisus. Its parent company has also been linked to CHICV INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, another problematic company.

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