Best Property Lawyers in Omaha


Consulting an experienced attorney is highly recommended when purchasing or selling real estate. They can help you avoid transaction disputes and save time and effort.

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Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions involve transferring property rights from one party to another. Due to the delicate nature of the real estate, the amount exchanged, and various government regulations and conventions in place, these deals can become quite complex.

Negotiating a real estate deal requires a lawyer who can negotiate the contract terms and ensure everyone involved works together efficiently to complete the transaction. This may include drafting a purchase and sale agreement, reviewing title searches, creating an inspection report, and ensuring all documents are completed and filed before closing.

Property lawyers in Omaha possess an intimate knowledge of the legal framework and practical considerations surrounding real estate transactions. Furthermore, they have expertise in negotiating commercial leases, development projects, financing options, and representing clients before administrative, local, state, or federal tribunals. This representation could prove especially valuable if a property owner has disputes with another buyer or seller.

Commercial Leases

Commercial leases are agreements between a business tenant and landlord that grant them rights to use the property for an agreed-upon period in exchange for money. These contracts are more intricate than residential ones, varying wildly from space to space.

Commercial leases generally fall into three categories: gross leases, net leases, and modified gross leases.

Gross leases typically cover all costs of owning property, such as utilities and building maintenance. Conversely, net leases usually exclude these expenses.

An important consideration for prospective business tenants is whether they must pay the utility expenses associated with their leased space. This amount, known as the Load Factor, should be carefully discussed with your landlord.

Other aspects to consider include what’s included in the rent and who pays for property taxes. Furthermore, many commercial leases have clauses regarding improvements or repairs the tenant must undertake. It’s wise to consult a commercial real estate attorney before signing any contract. Hence, you are sure all essential terms and conditions of your lease have been addressed – this will guarantee its successful execution for your business venture.

Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial tenants and landlords frequently engage in disputes over a range of matters. Some disagreements are similar to residential landlord-tenant arguments, while others are unique to the retail setting.

Some disputes occur when a landlord fails to fulfill their responsibility for the repair or upkeep of the property, leading to issues for both parties involved.

Additionally, some commercial leases contain a right of assignment that gives tenants the power to transfer their rights to another company or individual. However, this term should be thoroughly discussed and agreed upon before signing the lease.

Another common commercial lease dispute revolves around lease renewals and changes in terms. A commercial real estate attorney can help tenants receive renewal contracts tailored to their business needs.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate litigation can be a highly-stakes and intricate process. It typically involves acquiring and selling properties, commercial leasing disputes, property management issues, and taxation concerns.

Whether you’re a business owner or landowner, the best property lawyers in Omaha can assist you with these disputes and protect your assets. They also represent clients before local, state, and federal courts to guarantee that their interests are safeguarded and their case is resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our attorneys possess in-depth commercial real estate litigation expertise, including retail stores, hotels, office buildings, and other income-producing properties. They understand the intricacies of commercial real estate litigation and can handle cases that require lengthy negotiations or alternative dispute resolution techniques. Furthermore, they possess excellent trial preparation abilities and a proven success record.


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