Bada Business Share Price


Bada Business is a leading edTech provider of business skills training. Currently, it boasts one institutional investor – Singularity Ventures AMC – as well as 11 Angel investors.

Since being established by motivational speaker and business coach Vivek Bindra in 2019, his company has enjoyed unparalleled success within a short timeframe.

1. Financial Performance

BB Coach is an AI tool that answers business queries like an experienced consultant would. It uses knowledge from Dr Vivek Bindra’s YouTube channel, business courses offered online, and books to provide answers.

Bada Business Private Limited was formed on 24 January 2019 as a non-government company and registered at the Registrar of Companies in Delhi. Its authorized capital of Rs 20,000,000 and paid-up capital are both equivalent to Rs 5,357,060 respectively. Directors include Sunil Chopra and Vivek Bindra, as well as one institutional investor – Singularity Ventures AMC – and 11 angel investors, including Sonal Chauhan as investors. Bada serves customers in the EdTech industry segment.

2. Company’s Strategy

Bada Business provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with one-stop solutions for business education and development, including courses and seminars on topics including entrepreneurship, management, and technology. In addition, Bada offers personalized business coaching programs for entrepreneurs. Their mission is to make business education available and accessible for everyone – breaking world records along the way!

Vivek Bindra, an internationally recognized motivational speaker and business coach, founded this company. His YouTube channel boasts more than 10 million subscribers and 38 crore views; in addition to online business coaching, he regularly holds live events attended by thousands.

Bada Business partnered with Brightcove, an industry-leading video platform, in order to broaden its reach. Together, they held two webinars that broke world records for being the largest-ever webinars online and provided access to expanding businesses without regard for geography. Through these webinars, people all around the globe can learn how to grow their businesses from any location.

With a goal to help Indian MSMEs transform into “bada business,” this company has assembled an expansive digital library of courses covering everything from the intricacies of entrepreneurship to effective negotiation techniques. They also feature a team of coaches and trainers dedicated to helping others succeed.

Bada Business Pvt Ltd employees report high levels of satisfaction with both company culture and job performance. A majority of employees find their leadership team effective and enjoy working at Bada, as well as working reasonable hours with friendly coworkers.

Bada Business boasts an innovative culture that fosters collaboration and communication. Their leaders are focused on supporting employee growth while offering competitive salaries and benefits packages to employees. Their highly engaged workforce strives to enhance employee experience through regular surveys and focus groups conducted by management.

3. Business Model

Bada Business is a unique networking platform designed for entrepreneurs, MSMEs, entrepreneurs, and business experts. It is led by its founder, Vivek Bindra, an award-winning international motivational speaker and business coach. Vivek has helped more than 500 corporate houses and entrepreneurs across the world receive coaching from him, winning various awards like World Leadership Federation’s “Think Tank of Corporate Asia” award as well as Marshall Goldsmith’s ‘Best Leader Trainer in Asia”.

This company provides an array of training courses and workshops tailored specifically to aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition, online mentoring services and coaching services are provided. Their course library boasts more than 900 video lessons covering finance, marketing, and sales operations strategy. Furthermore, an extensive network of mentors is on hand to support newcomers to the entrepreneurial scene.

According to its website, this company aims to make entrepreneurship education affordable and accessible. Their team includes experienced industry leaders with a passion for helping others succeed; additionally, they feature an active community section where users can post questions for expert panel answers.

Bada Business Private Limited was launched in January 2019. It provides an affordable entrepreneurship program tailored to Indian MSMEs that features two world records in terms of attendance for online video-based learning sessions hosted by Brightcove, designed to assist small businesses in becoming bigger ones. Furthermore, its courses can help small businesses become successful enterprises themselves. Furthermore, Bada Business boasts that two world records were broken during its course offerings! In addition to online learning offerings and live events and webinars hosted by Bada Business through Brightcove partnership sessions, they have also broken attendance records!

4. Investments

Bada Business provides an exclusive networking platform for entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, and experts of all stripes to build their brands, gain recognition for their efforts, generate revenue streams, and connect with peers in business communities around the globe. Bada provides content that is authentic, engaging, and pertinent.

Bada Business was formed on 24 January 2019 as a Private company registered at N/A in Delhi and classified as a Non-Government Company. With an authorized share capital of Rs 20,000,000 and a paid-up capital of Rs 5,357,060, respectively. Vivek Bindra and Sunil Chopra serve as their crucial personnel, while Singularity Ventures AMC and Sonal Chauhan are their investors; Bada Business participates in Startup India programs.