Arepas – A Savory South American Snack


Arepas are traditional savory baked food in many cultures throughout northern and central South America. Originating in the pre-Columbian era, they are still eaten in Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela.


Arepa fillings are a staple in Venezuelan and Colombian cuisine. These flat cornbreads can be stuffed with various ingredients, such as cheese, meat, sour cream, or even vegetables. Traditionally, arepas are served as a side dish or a meal. However, they can also be used as a substitute for bread.

To make arepas, you must start by pre-cooking a batch of cornmeal. This process involves soaking the maize kernels and then grinding them into flour. You can buy pre-cooked cornmeal in the food section of your grocery store.

To make arepas, you will need the following ingredients: cornmeal, vegetable oil, and water. After you have added the required elements, you should place the arepas in the oven to cook. When the arepas are ready, flip them over to cook on the other side.


Arepa, the cornbread, has been a staple of Latin American cuisine for a long time. It is eaten in several Latin American countries, including Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. Some say it originated in the pre-Columbian era, while others claim it came about as the result of a colonial experiment. However, there is still a lot of debate over where Arepa originated.

Before the Spanish invasion, the indigenous people in Venezuela and Colombia were known for their diet of corn. In addition to eating corn, they also used it for beverages. Women in the area chewed corn and ground it into flour. Then, they made a paste out of the corn and placed it on a clay plate. Later, they roasted the paste in ceramic circles.

Several anthropological studies have concluded that corn was a mainstay of the diet of the indigenous people in Venezuela for a few thousand years. The word “arena” is an indigenous word that the Cumanagoto people used to name corn.

Colombian cuisine

If you want to explore Colombia’s cuisine, you can choose from plenty of options. While many dishes can be found all over the country, there are some staples you can count on for a truly authentic experience. Of course, the best way to enjoy Colombian cuisine is to visit its markets, where you can sample several tasty options.

One of the most iconic Colombian foods is the Bandeja Paisa. This platter-style meal comprises various ingredients, including white rice, red beans, corn, avocado, and Arepa. It’s not for the faint of heart, though. Those who aren’t afraid to try a little bit of this dish should order half.

Another popular food in Colombia is a dish known as colorado. This is a combination of dessert and drink, which is perfect for those who prefer fresh fruit.

Masarepa vs. Masa Harina

It is essential to know the difference between masarepa and masa harina when it comes to Mexican cooking. While they are similar, they are very different. The two flours are used for other purposes.

Masarepa is made from corn. It has a slightly nutty taste. There is a noticeable sweet corn flavor as well. It is also a little finer than masa harina.

Aside from using it in a recipe, you can also buy it at a Latino specialty store. This is an excellent way to find it without traveling to South America. You can also buy it online at competitive prices.

Another option for a substitute is cornmeal. It’s not as corn-flavored as masa harina, but it has a similar texture. Cornmeal can be purchased at most grocery stores.

Storage of leftovers

There is much debate over the best way to store your leftovers and what to do with them once you’re done preparing them. The most practical way is to keep them chilled, which is best done with the aid of a refrigerator or freezer, or both. While we are on the subject of refrigeration, make sure also to use a thermometer for meat and poultry, especially if you have young children who might be susceptible to foodborne illnesses. Using a thermometer will also ensure that your food is cooked to perfection.

Arepa is an excellent choice if you are looking for something hearty and filling to eat on the go. However, it may be a good idea to double the recipe so you can reheat some of it in the microwave when you are ready to eat. In addition, you can add chicken to the arepa mixture to bump up the protein content.

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