Apc Jeans Review


When it comes to jeans, there are several brands to choose from. However, Apc Jeans are an excellent choice for women. This brand offers several different styles that are appropriate for all body types and morphologies. Their wide selection of styles also allows women to play with different morphologies and styles to fit their unique figures.


If you’re looking for a denim brand with affordable prices, you’ll love the raw selvage jeans by APC Jeans. They come in a variety of cuts and colors, and their minimal designs appeal to a wide range of customers. The fading of the denim means that it will develop unique patterns over time, which make them unique and perfect for a wide variety of people.

APC is an iconic brand with its DNA. The brand is based in Macau, an autonomous region in southern China. In the past, the region was ruled by Portugal, and its culture is a hybrid of Chinese and Portuguese traditions. This is evident in its food, which includes traditional Cantonese dishes and pastel de nata, both of which are made with a mix of Portuguese and Chinese influences.


The fit of Apc Jeans varies depending on the person’s morphology. It’s important to choose the right cut for your morphology and personal preferences. There are three main cuts: straight, fitted, and very fitted. Each cut has its characteristic features. Here are some tips to choose the right cut for your body type.

APC Jeans come in a variety of sizes. Petites are cut slimmer than the standard. The Petite New Standard has a slightly higher rise and a straighter leg. The Standard was also reintroduced as part of the 30th-anniversary collection. These jeans feature darker caramel stitching and a commemorative label inside.


APC jeans are known for their high quality and great fit. The company has dedicated a lot of time and resources to design a perfect pair of jeans. They have been manufacturing jeans since 1987, so they know exactly what their customers are looking for. However, despite the high quality of their jeans, many consumers have complained that they are too expensive. A pair of APC jeans can set you back at least $250.

The fabric of APC jeans is recycled cotton. They also use a high percentage of organic cotton. The price of APC jeans is slightly higher than those of Acne jeans, but the price difference isn’t very great. Most of the jeans are constructed with five pockets, an adjustable belt, and topstitching. Depending on the design, you might even find a pair with distressed denim.

Stitch count

There are several factors to consider when buying a pair of A.P.C jeans. For instance, how much is the stitch count? Higher stitch counts are more durable, but a lower stitch count does not necessarily mean lower-quality pair of jeans. Essentially, the stitch count of a pair of jeans depends on how well the seam is sewn, the thread used, and the overall skill of the sewer.

For example, if you’re buying a pair of A.P.C jeans for work, you’ll want to ensure the stitch count is high enough. This is to prevent rips. The jeans are made of Japanese selvage denim, which softens with time. They’re also perfect for wearing with a graphic t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. However, be sure to wash and dry your jeans properly.


The A.P.C. brand is a staple in the denim wardrobe. The jeans are made of Japanese denim and are tailored to a perfect fit throughout the leg. They’re dyed a classic indigo hue to ensure a classic look. They are finished with silver-tone hardware for a touch of refinement.

These jeans are available in straight, fitted, and very fitted cuts. While the fitted cut has more tapering and a higher waist, the straight cut is less fitted and has a straighter fit. You can choose your cut based on your body type and personal style.


Inspired by everyday life, A.P.C. has made denim a reference in the textile world. Its designs are functional and stylish, shrugging off fashion trends and focusing on quality basics. With a focus on affordability, quality, and authenticity, this brand is universally accessible. Its classic, casual fits are timeless and a great choice for both men and women.

The fabrics used in A.P.C. jeans come from sustainable sources such as cotton and wool. The company also uses a process known as vegetable tanning, which is more environmentally friendly than chrome tanning. Moreover, the company sources materials from ethical sources and aims to eliminate the use of fur and feathers from its collections.

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