Air Canada Vacations Reviews


Air Canada Vacations is a company that offers affordable vacation packages and cheap flights. However, the service that customers receive from their agents and customer service is hit-and-miss. In addition, employees do not earn a high salary, so they must save their money to pay for their trips. This can be a disadvantage for many people, so this company is not the best choice for people who want to travel on a budget.

Customer service is hit or miss

Despite the company’s name, customer service at Air Canada Vacations is hit or miss. It’s possible to call when phone lines open at 9 am to talk to someone, but then you might have to wait for seven hours and fifteen minutes. That’s a pretty long wait time for customer service.

While the company’s customer service may be hit or miss, its attention to detail is second to none. You don’t have to be an airline fan to enjoy an Air Canada Vacation. The company offers a CareFree or CareFlex travel protection plan. Its carefree travel protection plan allows you to cancel and transfer your package, and you’re eligible for a full refund up to 25 days before your departure.

Agents are hit or miss

Air Canada Vacations is a huge tour operator with its airline, Rouge. The company introduces new products every year. In 2015, it hosted a series of product launches in major cities in Canada. The purpose was to create an atmosphere of fun and merriment.

Collections are presented in both French and English

To promote its new vacation packages, Air Canada Vacations is presenting them in both English and French. The website includes editorial content and interactive elements that make it easy to browse and select a vacation. It also includes search functions and popular filters that help travelers find the best vacation deals. The website also features travel packages, prize giveaways, and links to suppliers.

In addition to its extensive travel collection, the airline has partnered with the Ferreira Group, a gastronomic establishment in Montreal that has been serving authentic Portuguese fare for over two decades. The two companies have collaborated to create food-centric vacations. Inspired by a web series produced by the Ferreira Group, the two new vacations feature a rich culinary experience.

Early booking bonus

The Air Canada Vacations Early booking bonus is a fantastic incentive for those looking to book a vacation early. This early booking bonus means that you can get up to $400 off the price of your vacation! To take advantage of the early booking bonus, you must book at least four months in advance. You must also book through a travel professional to qualify.

The early booking bonus is a great way to save money on your vacation, but be aware that it does not apply to all vacation packages. This offer applies only to packages that are booked by July 11 or after December 31st. You must pay a deposit of $50 per person to qualify, but you will get a bonus of up to 30% off the total price of your vacation. You can use this offer for select vacation packages to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and more.

Hurricane policy

The Hurricane policy at Air Canada Vacations allows clients to rebook their vacation if a hurricane threatens. This protection is only applicable to vacations that take place in the Caribbean, the United States, and Mexico (excluding Mexico City and West Coast Mexico). The policy allows clients to choose an alternate location if necessary, and also offers the flexibility to change travel dates or destinations if necessary. The company assesses each hurricane situation in depth to determine what options are best for its clients.

If you plan to travel to a destination outside of Canada, you should research the country’s government’s hurricane policy before purchasing a travel insurance policy. Some countries require a separate local insurance policy, which is not included in your package price. Check with the country’s government website for more details.

Hotels are LGBTQ+ friendly

If you are looking for a vacation that welcomes queer travelers, you can travel to some of Air Canada’s best hotels. Several of these properties have LGBTQ+-friendly policies, and many are IGLTA and Travel Advocacy Group-approved. Air Canada also offers packages to other destinations that are welcoming of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary travelers.

As part of Air Canada Vacations’ efforts to be more inclusive, the company is bringing back its popular Chill Out Event. During this event, travelers can enjoy exclusive rates at LGBTQ+-friendly hotels and resorts. In addition, they will have the opportunity to take part in a week-long Pride celebration in Cuba. The event will feature a welcome kit and farewell gala dinner, as well as nightly entertainment. Some of these shows will be hosted by a Canada’s Drag Race runner-up and a Toronto drag queen superstar.

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