5 Logistics Companies in Coimbatore


Coimbatore has long been considered the “Manchester of South India” due to its engine manufacturing and textile industries. Today, its logistics sector remains an influential player in urban expansion processes – shaping transport hubs and warehouse locations with ease.

Choose a logistics provider that specializes in your industry and can meet all of your service expectations, both financially and procedurally. Keep cost and transparency in mind, too.

DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited

DTDC boasts an extensive network of retail outlets throughout India and a global logistics system, giving it access to various services, including delivery and tracking for its customers. Furthermore, the company offers an online shipping calculator so businesses can estimate how much money will be spent shipping.

DTDC not only offers international courier services but also domestic and priority deliveries. Their priority deliveries feature special arrangements for larger consignments requiring transportation and manpower resources. Furthermore, TechMailer has been integrated into its operations for bulk dispatches to facilitate smooth pick-up and delivery through its management information system.

The DTDC Plus service is ideal for packages that must arrive the next business day and offers guaranteed delivery across India for packages up to 10 kg in weight. Rates depend on both weight and destination. Customers receive updates regarding their shipments through both email and SMS notifications.

DTDC’s pricing methodology is based on Dead Weight and Volumetric Weight calculations; Dead Weight refers to an item’s actual weight, while volumetric weight accounts for the size and shape factors of packaging materials. If the Chargeable Weight exceeds its actual weight, refunds may be provided.

First Flight Couriers

First Flight Couriers is a logistics provider offering domestic and international courier delivery. In addition, they also provide customs clearance services and insurance coverage. Their headquarters is in Coimbatore but serve customers throughout India; additionally they offer tracking services online.

This company employs various measures to ensure parcel safety and security, including tracking, barcoding and tamper-proof packaging. They have implemented a stringent security policy and conduct regular checks in order to prevent damages or losses in transit – making them an excellent option for businesses that must ship high-value or fragile items.

On April 24th, 2007, I booked a courier with First Flight Couriers with consignment number F14300419, but it still didn’t reach its destination even three weeks later despite all my efforts to track it. Due to First Flight Couriers’ poor service, my child is denied treatment as she could use equipment contained within this courier shipment for treatment purposes.

TrackingMore makes it simple to track and trace First Flight Courier express packages. Enter your AWB, Reference number, or Tracking number into the search box above for real-time updates. Trackingmore supports numerous international couriers and postal services – you can set notifications so you’ll know when pickup or delivery takes place in transit!


ConnectXpress was established in 2015 as a logistics company with offices worldwide, specializing in core carrier services as well as additional supply chain solutions to assist online retailers in Coimbatore with streamlining their shipping processes. ConnectXpress offers both flatbed and refrigerated trucking options, plus an interactive tracking system so customers can monitor where their deliveries are at all times.

Coimbatore logistics company Prologis Logistics offers air and sea freight, as well as warehousing and distribution services, making them an excellent choice for businesses seeking to cut operational costs while providing their customers with premium experiences.

As a startup business in Coimbatore, selecting an efficient logistics provider is crucial to your success. There are various companies offering logistics services here, but you should focus on finding one that can best fulfill your requirements while providing competitive rates on air freight and warehousing – especially if selling electronics! Also, consider companies that can provide value-added services such as fulfillment and customer support to maximize value and find what suits your business best.

DP World

DP World is a global company that manages port and marine terminals. Offering logistics services and operating economic zones, the company contracts with governments, shipping lines, and constituents of the supply chain, as well as crane services for cargo transport and intermodal shipping – with a presence across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Formerly, this company operated a container terminal in Chennai; now, however, they will construct one in Kochi using Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT). This new terminal will increase container traffic while decreasing logistics costs for national shipping companies. Earlier this year, government approval was given for this project, and the terminal should open sometime in early 2027.

Kochi-Mukkam, which is located approximately 60 kilometers from Cochin Port, will host the new Kochi port. Capable of handling over one million TEUs annually, it will also feature cold storage and seafood processing zones, free trade zones with integrated rail sidings, and inland container depots.

India Post boasts an expansive presence across 96% of districts nationwide, providing air freight and domestic delivery services which are particularly well-regarded among eCommerce businesses in the region. Furthermore, premium flexible can deliver packages up to 20 kg in size at significantly discounted rates compared to standard rates.